• Best Hair Colour Shades Of 2016
    While it has been a very exciting year for all new shades and hair...
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As we approach  the end of the year, we are all curious to know which hair colour shades have been topping the charts this year.  While it has been a very exciting year for all the new shades and hair colours, find below the ones that were most popular and in trend all year round!

Rose Gold Hair: It is known that you can now officially call 2016 the year of rose gold hair, with celebrities as well as these beauty bloggers loving up on this shimmery shade. Rose gold is a colour that is flattering on many different skin tones. This shade is basically a blend of the red, pink and blonde shade that has become a hit among everyone now.

The Forever Brown: The beauty about brown hair is its amazing versatility. An earthy base can be darkened into a rich chocolate, lightened into a warm honey, tinted red or turned ombre and multi- dimensional. There are so many shades of brown ranging from the lightest brown to the darkest brown. Some of the common and trendy ones are the Chocolate Brown, Coffee Brown, Black Brown, Natural Brown and many more you could choose from.

Bold Burgundy: While Burgundy being the perfect shade for the winter season, it has also been one of the top picks for hair colours of this year. People have loved this shade as it gives a very young and bold look. Be it streaks, highlights, ends or the entire look! This colour has made its way into one of the most stylish hair colours. Almost every hairstyle is perfectly going well with this shade and it is definitely going to stay in trend for a longer time now!

Blonde: It’s hard to deny that blondes do get a lot of attention all the time. The best blonde hair colours are decidedly luxurious. Be it the creamy blonde, the golden blonde, the chestnut blonde, the copper blonde or the caramel blonde, all of them have been spotted around by celebrities everywhere.

These were some of the top hair colour shades of 2016. Hope these will help you in deciding which would be your next hair colour. Do let us know which one is your favorite one!

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