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    Here are some extremely simple but super chic hairstyles that you must...
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A different hairstyle can give you a whole new different look. Change your hairstyle for a new you! Here are some extremely simple but super chic hairstyles that you must try!


A simple chignon

A chignon is a classic hairstyle that can be thought of as a cross between a ponytail and a bun. It may sound complicated but can be very simple if done correctly. Here are the steps in dawning this hairstyle.

1. At first use a comb to make a middle part in your hair. Once you have done this gather all your hair at the back

2. Then take the gathered hair in one hand and twist it in a clockwise direction by rolling your wrist. Do this gently so as to avoid any breakage. Keep twisting it until all of your hair is in a tight spiral

3. Once you have done that gather all your hair into a bun. Coil it in a clockwise circle around its base shape.

4. Once you finish wrapping all your hair, hold it in place with the help of bobby pins.


High ponytail

A ponytail may seem very basic but a high ponytail neatly made, looks extremely classy. You can wear one while stepping out or even just like that. They look very fashionable.

1. High ponytails have to sit right on the crown of your head.

2. First, brush your hair well to ensure it is free of any knots

3. Then hold up your hair together just like you would for a ponytail, only be sure to start at the very top

4. Tie your hair in place and clip any loose strands for the perfect high ponytail

5. In case you’re feeling experimental you could even make this a side ponytail which is quirky and fun


French braid

During the summer months we all want to tie up our hair and keep in such a way that it is held together. The French braid is just the solution. Not only does it look elegant and chic but also helps to keep you from feeling hot during the summer months.

1. First brush your hair well so as to ensure it is free of any tangles

2. Then take a big portion of your hair and section it into three parts

3. Make a traditional braid with these three parts. Cross the right strand over to the centre, then cross the left strand over to the centre.

4. Keep doing this until you’ve made a few rows of the traditional braid

5. After you’ve made a few rows continue doing the same but also add little of hair that is not a part of these sections

6. Keep doing this until all your hair is a part of the braid and there isn’t any hair outside of it

7. At the end of it secure the braid with a ponytail.


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