• Co-washing your hair
    Co-washing stands for ‘conditioner-only washing’.
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What is it?

Co-washing stands for ‘conditioner-only washing’. It basically means only conditioning your hair and not using shampoo.  It is believed to make your hair smoother, softer and easier to manage. This will not only help you save time and money but also improve the overall condition of your hair.


Who should co-wash their hair?

Co-washing has been trending since a while now.  If your hair is curly or wavy, or becomes dry quite often co-washing would be perfect for you. On the other hand, if your hair is prone to be oily, you may need to shampoo so as to get rid of the excess oils. In this case co-washing is not very suitable for you.


Steps in co-washing your hair

1. Firstly, wet your hair. You should let water freely flow on it so that your complete mane has been drenched with water. This will help to loosen the hair and remove any dust etc. that may have got stuck onto it through the day

2. Then take a good amount of conditioner from the bottle. When you normally condition, you take a very small amount of conditioner. But since co-washing includes cleansing the entire hair with just conditioner, it is advisable to take enough of it

3. Now massage this conditioner in your scalp and throughout the lengths of your hair. Massage it for some time, this will help to properly cleanse it and get rid of and dirt on your hair

4. You should let this be for 4-5 minutes. You could also take a hot water towel and place it on your hair so as to better soak it in. If your hair is extremely damaged or dry, then you could leave it for longer

5. Once you have done this rinse it off your hair with lukewarm water. Be certain to not use hot water as that tends to weaken the roots and further damage the hair.


Should I shampoo my hair?

This would depend on the type of your hair. As said earlier if your hair is dry and damaged co-washing is supposed to have a lot of benefits for you. However, you could shampoo your hair bi-monthly so as to ensure the excess oils are done away with. On the other hand, if your hair is voluminous you may need to alternate by shampooing and co-washing once every week. Thus it is best to find the combination of co-washing and conditioning that works for you the best.


Benefits of Co-washing

Co-washing is believed to allow the natural oils to cleanse and condition the scalp. Alternatively, shampooing your hair too much is known to deplete the hair of its natural oils thus leaving it dry and limp. Co-washing not only provides the required conditioning to your hair, but also is a good cleansing process.


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