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    If your New Year’s resolution is to try out new things, a great...
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If your New Year’s resolution is to try out new things, a great place to start with could be a new hairstyle. With Christmas and New Year parties in full swing, everybody has already bought their new outfits and matching shoes! The last-minute panic only starts when you are completely ready but not a single hairstyle comes to your mind. You would definitely not want this last-minute panic to bother you. Therefore, below is a list of easy hairstyles you could try beforehand and be ready with for the upcoming parties!

Sleek Topknot: This is an easy and classy hairstyle when you decide to go a little more with the accessories. If you are planning to glam up your look with long dangling earrings or a statement neckpiece, this hairstyle would keep all your hair in place and not steal the attention from your gorgeous accessories. Apply a lightweight gel to damp hair and slick into a high pony. Then split the length of your hair into two sections, twist them together and wrap them into a bun. Keep the hair in place with bobby pins.

Braided Crown Ponytail: This style looks super intricate, but it’s actually so easy to create! This hairstyle will make your overall appearance look super stylish as well. Make a deep side part into your hair and start an inside out braid, crossing the hair under the middle strand rather than over- on the other side of it. Keep braiding slowly and neatly around your head till you get under your other ear. Secure the end of your braid with an elastic and cover it with a small piece of hair. Either leave the rest hanging down or tie it into a ponytail.

The Glam Waves: This is a hairstyle that would not need much effort from you at the last moment. Apart from it looking very pretty, it can easily match all your outfits so no need to worry about that.  All you got to do is apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow it straight, then wrap small sections around a medium curling iron and you’re ready to rock the look! You could add a metallic head wrap for some extra glam!

These were some of the easy hairstyles you could try out for the upcoming parties this year. Let us know which one you liked the most and if you have any other tips or queries do write to us on Facebook or Twitter.