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    Let us look at some simple exercises that you can adopt to improve the...
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In today’s modern lifestyles, stress is something that cannot be completely avoided. The problem with stress is that it affects your body and hair adversely. It is also believed to cause hair loss and reduce the speed at which your hair grows.  

Exercise is believed to counter these effects in the body by decreasing stress. It is also known to promote hair growth and improve your overall mood. Exercising regularly also helps to increase blood flow to the scalp which provides your hair with nourishment and in turn promotes healthy hair growth.

Let us look at some simple exercises that you can adopt to improve the overall health of your hair.


Studies show that moderate to high levels of cardio can go a long way in improving the health of your hair. Exercises like cycling, Zumba and running are believed to protect the scalp and help the body flush out toxins. It is also recommended that you take a steam bath after your cardio workout as this is known to further open the pores that lead to hair growth.

Head and neck exercises:

These exercises help reduce the amount of stress within those parts of the body. This is known to increase blood circulation and the level of oxygen to the scalp which in turn helps promote hair growth and aids in strengthening the scalp. Head and neck exercises are also believed to reduce hair breakage and help control hair fall.

Rotating your head first clockwise and then anticlockwise is a good exercise which can be easily done. You could include head and neck exercises in your daily routine even when you are seated at work.


Although this may come as a surprise to most, crunches are another form of exercise that are believed to promote hair growth and healthy hair. Since crunches are a very intense form of exercise, it results in a lot of perspiration which helps to reduce dryness in the scalp. This is also believed to help in reducing dandruff and promoting hair growth.


A lot of basic yoga techniques like aasanas and pranayamas increase blood circulation to the scalp. Yoga also helps improve digestion and reduce stress and anxiety which are believed to be some of the chief contributors to hair fall.  Yoga is also known to help your hair cells take in more oxygen and nutrients which make your hair healthy and promote hair growth.

Additionally, it is always advisable to eat healthy food to take care of your hair. Here is an article on super foods for healthy hair which will surely help.

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