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    Curly hair can be your biggest asset or your worst nightmare depending...
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Curly hair can be your biggest asset or your worst nightmare depending on your day. No matter how thick or thin your mane is, curly hair is known to be extremely sensitive to the environmental and styling factors, and its naturally dry texture means it needs a little extra care each day. Here are some simple tips on how you could take better care of your curly hair:

Ditch the shampoo and try co-washing:

Co-washing simply means conditioning your hair in the shower but not adding shampoo. This can be particularly beneficial to curly hair as it needs moisture replenished more often than regular hair. Though you won’t get any lather, you would be rewarded with healthier and bouncier curls. Read our article on co-washing your hair to know more.

Always use a comb rather than a brush:

One item curly haired girls should avoid is a brush. Brushing is believed to damage fragile curls. Using a wide- toothed comb makes detangling your hair easier. You could also use the wide-toothed comb or your fingers to detangle your curls in the shower while your hair is yet soaked in the conditioner.

Forget the towel and use an old t-shirt instead:

Curly hair and a towel don’t go well together. The towel may end up irritating your hair and make them frizzy and dry. Instead dabbing your hair softly with an old t-shirt would make your curls feel better and also would avoid them from becoming frizzy. Here are some additional tips on how you can care for your frizzy hair.

Use a diffuser to style your pretty curly hair:

Styling becomes an issue sometimes when it comes to curly hair. To make styling easier always use a diffuser while blow drying your hair. This will minimize the frizz by evenly distributing the heat. However, we recommend limiting the use of a blow dryer as it is known to damage your hair in the long run.

Hope these tips help you take better care of your curly hair! Here are some more curly hair care tips.

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