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    Have you ever been stressed out while choosing a hair colour because...
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Have you ever been stressed out while choosing a hair colour because you want to find one that suits you best? There is more to picking out a shade than just picking something you like.

A beautiful hair colour is one that compliments your skin tone. Keep reading to know more about the factors you must consider before picking the perfect hair colour for you!

1. Pick your hair colour goals

First you need to decide what you want your hair colour to achieve? Do you want to go lighter or darker, enhance your hair colour or cover greys? Once you pick your hair goals, you can easily pick a shade accordingly.

2. Close to natural

Choose a hair colour that is closest to your natural hair colour. So if your hair is dark brown, you can choose a black brown hair colour. The further away the shade is from your natural colour, the more noticeable the colour job is once it starts to grow out.

3. Picking the right shade

If you have light skin, pick a shade close to natural brown as darker browns or a black may cause you to look a bit pale. If you have dark skin, you can pick a natural black, dark brown or even a burgundy hair colour.

Now that you know which shade suits you best, pick one that will give you beautifully coloured soft and shiny hair. Learn more about the shades we offer here.

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