• Hair care routine for Indian hair
    Soft, shiny and radiant hair is everyone’s dream come true.
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Soft, shiny and radiant hair is everyone’s dream come true. Don’t you want to be one step closer to this dream? Taking care of your hair is no rocket science. Just a little effort and you can look beautiful.

These 5 tips will do just that!

  1. Stop over washing

Do not over wash your hair. Washing your hair daily will deplete your hair of its natural oils. So wash your hair in limits with the right proportions of shampoo and conditioner and you will be ready to flaunt that beautiful hair.

  1. Prevent breakage

Do not mess around with wet hair. It is prone to breakage which can eventually lead to hair loss. Use a thick brittle comb and gently comb through the wet hair ensuring that you break as little as possible.

  1. Eat healthy

Healthy eating means nutrition for your body and hair. You are what you eat! Which is why we should listen to our moms every time they say, “You have to eat it.” So have foods  that are high in iron and protein and look beautiful always. Eggs, spinach, lentils, peppers and sweet potatoes are just a few great foods for your hair.

  1. Trimming regularly

Regular trimming at intervals of about 1 to 6 weeks of the hair will prevent split ends. Regular and timely trimming of the hair will get you one step closer to the care your hair needs.

  1. Daily night hair care

Every night before going to bed it is extremely essential to ensure all the knots in the hair are untangled.  Unknotting the hair at night can help prevent damage and breakage. Take just 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and this can help you get shiny, bouncy hair.