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    The summers are just properly setting in! On some occasions we may...
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The summers are just properly setting in! On some occasions we may love the heat and warmth, and on others we may not like it as much.

The scorching heat and the rays of the sun can have a very bad impact on your hair. You should take extra care of your hair during the summer months to ensure that it is stays healthy.

Here are some quick tips that you should keep in mind during the summer months

  1. Always stay hydrated

During the summer months our bodies need more water than always! Keep rehydrating your body by having water and other liquids. This will also help to keep your hair moisturized.

#ExpertTip – If possible keep a water bottle in your bag whenever you go out and keep sipping on it throughout the day.

  1. Oiling your hair

During the summer months your hair can become dry much more easily, so oiling your hair will help to prevent that from happening. A good oil massage also helps to open the pores, which are known to stimulate hair growth.

#ExpertTip - The good old champi that your grandmother told you about is very beneficial for your hair.

  1. Stay Covered

The rays of the sun are known to harm your hair and make it weaker. It is obviously not possible to entirely avoid the sun, but covering your hair when under the rays of the sun is a good option. You could wear a hat every time you go out.

#ExpertTip – All you girls could keep a nice scarf handy, which you could wrap around your head. This will help you protect your hair from the sun and make you look trendy while doing so!

  1. Don’t use styling products

Hair irons, curlers, straighteners may make your hair look fabulous for a day, but they seriously affect it in the long run. Especially in the summer months since hair is already prone to becoming dry, the use of these products will further deplete it of the necessary moisture.

#ExpertTip – Air dry your hair after you shampoo it, and tie it up in a high pony to look stylish and yet be comfortable.

  1. Shampoo less & condition more

Reduce the number of times you shampoo your hair. Washing your hair thrice a week is known to be ideal. Use a mild shampoo that suits your hair type. Also condition your hair every time you wash, apply conditioner only on the lengths of your hair. Conditioning your hair helps to reduce the summer frizz.

#ExpertTip – Since wet hair is believed to be most susceptible to breakage, use a wide-tooth comb for untangling your hair. It is gentler on the hair as opposed to a brush, which pulls the hair.

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