• Hair Care Tips For Wavy Hair
    If you are blessed with wavy hair, take good care of it so as to keep...
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Wavy hair can look fabulous if maintained well! A lot of people with straight hair use styling tools to add well-defined waves to their hair. If you are blessed with wavy hair, take good care of it so as to keep it in its best possible condition.


You don’t need to worry! Here are some hair care tips you should follow to take care of your wavy hair.

1. Use a leave in conditioner or serum

Wavy hair is believed to be more prone to becoming frizzy. Before you leave your house putting some leave in conditioner or hair serum may be a good idea to tame it and prevent it from becoming frizzy. Putting serum is also known to lock in moisture thus making your hair look healthier.

2. Don’t shampoo often

You don’t need to shampoo your hair every day. It is believed that shampooing thrice a week can be optimum. Shampooing too much can deplete your wavy hair of the necessary moisture thus making it frizzier. Also remember to use cold or lukewarm water while shampooing.

3.  Condition often

When blessed with wavy hair, conditioning it often is believed to be a good idea. Apply a conditioner on the length of your hair, leave it from a few minutes and then rinse it off. Conditioning is believed to make the hair soft and shiny.

4. Choose to air dry

Wet hair when rubbed against a towel can cause damage and hair fall as it is believed to be very weak.  Air dry your hair when it is wet to prevent such problems. Since wavy hair is more likely to be frizzy, air drying can help reduce it.

5. Say yes to colour

Go ahead and colour your wavy hair! Choosing a good hair colour that complements your skin tone, will make it look very trendy! Wavy hair can be styled in many different ways and with a different hair colour it’s sure to stand out.

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