• Hair colour myths busted
    Let’s bust some hair colouring myths today!
    GODREJ EXPERT | Posted :  1 year ago

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Let’s bust some hair colouring myths today! People tend to hesitate a lot when it comes to colouring their hair. Have you been thinking about hair colour or maybe even stopped yourself from colouring your hair for all the wrong reasons? Keep reading to know why you shouldn’t let this stop you and discover the beautiful world of hair colours!

1.    Hair colours are high maintenance

If given the right care and conditioning, your hair colour will last longer with minimal maintenance. You can also re-touch your roots whenever they become visible which will make your hair colour last longer.  Want to know more? Read our article on how you can make your hair colour last longer.

2.    Colouring leads to greying

Hair greying is caused by many factors such as hereditary, stress and so on. We have cells in our follicles that generate pigments that give our hair its colour. Any changes in the functioning of these cells can lead to greying and not necessarily only hair colouring.

3.    Time consuming

This isn’t true at all! Hair colours now are extremely user friendly and it does not take more than 30 minutes for you to colour your hair. Godrej Expert Rich Crème’s single use pack comes with pre-measured easy to use sachets. All you have to do is cut, mix & apply. And it gives you gorgeously coloured hair in just 30 minutes.

4.    Hair colours will damage your hair

If you are using a good quality hair colour you will prevent damaging the texture of your hair. Getting an ammonia free hair colour is always a better idea. Godrej Expert Rich Crème’s no ammonia formula keeps hair damage free! So worry no more and colour on. What’s more? Godrej Expert Rich Crème is enriched with aloe & milk protein that keeps your hair so unbelievably soft & shiny!

Now that we have busted these myths, what are you waiting for? Colour your hair and feel great about it too. Try Godrej Expert Rich Crème today!