• Holistic guide on hair care
    Every woman longs for healthy, lustrous and shiny hair!
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Every woman longs for healthy, lustrous and shiny hair! But did you know that more often than not your hair is left lifeless and lusterless due to common slip-ups that unknowingly occur almost every day?  Don’t you want your hair to be voluminous and radiant? You need to include certain practices so as to ensure your hair is not frizzy, limp, dry or prone to dandruff!

Here is a holistic guide on hair care, which we feel you must include in your routine irrespective of your hair type



You should keep your hair clean always. Dirty hair will affect the overall health of your hair. In today’s day and age with the amount of dust, pollution etc. in our surroundings your hair is bound to get dirty faster.

· Shampoo your hair two to three times a week. You should use a mild shampoo while you do so

· Always use lukewarm water when you shampoo. Hot water is known to weaken the hair from its roots and thus cause damage

· You shouldn’t wash your hair every day. Washing it very often will only deplete it of necessary oils and lead to dryness

· You should look for a shampoo that is sulphate free. A shampoo containing sulphate is believed to affect your hair in the long run



Regularly conditioning your hair is believed to smoothen it and reduce the probability of it getting damaged. It is also believed to make the hair softer and manageable and thus improve the overall health of your hair.

· Use a conditioner only on the lengths of your hair. You should massage it well

· Let the conditioner be there for a 3-5 minutes before you rinse it off

· If your hair is very dry, you could consider co-washing your hair. Co-washing stands for ‘conditioner only washing”, In this method you don’t need to use any shampoo, but just a conditioner for washing it

· You could also use a leave-in conditioner. This is usually massaged in to your hair after washing. It can also be helpful while styling the hair


Drying & Combing

Wet hair is known to be weaken and thus prone to breakage. Wet hair is held loosely at the roots and thus even a small amount of force can lead to it falling.

· Whenever possible always try to air dry your hair. Rubbing a towel against your hair in an attempt to dry it will only lead to it becoming frizzy and falling easily

· Stay away from blow dryers, heat irons etc. unless absolutely necessary. They may make your hair look fabulous on that day but will only affect it in the long run

· It is advisable to use a wide tooth wooden comb when detangling the hair. This does not pull the hair too much and helps get rid of tangles easily


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