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    Here are 3 simple things that you should include in your hair care...
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Every girl wants to have long lustrous hair right? Here are 3 simple things that you should include in your hair care routine to help your hair grow faster:

Brushing your scalp

One of the best ways to ensure that your hair grows fast and is longer, is to brush it right from the scalp. Most people end up brushing their hair only on the length and that too very quickly. Brushing your hair well is known to keep it in its healthiest state.

You should always brush your hair right from the scalp to the end. Brushing your hair from the scalp is known to open the pores on your hair which can stimulate hair growth. This process is also known to stimulate blood flow to your head so that healthy new strands can grow out of it. This will surely help you get longer and healthier hair.

#ExpertTip – Brush your hair every day! Don’t forget to brush it right from the roots and till the very end.

Nourish your scalp

Nourishing your scalp is another tip that will help you get long hair. This includes a whole regime. You should oil your hair and massage it well. Massaging your hair is known to have a similar effect as brushing your scalp. It is believed to lead to opening your pores thus stimulating hair growth. Post an oil massage, shampoo and condition it well. You should always use a conditioner on the lengths of your hair as it helps to hydrate and nourish your tresses. Always wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water. Hot water will only damage it further.

While drying, ensure that you don’t use too many heat styling tools or even rub your hair too much. Air drying is the best. Your hair when wet is known to be prone to breakage, thus rubbing a towel on it will only accelerate the breakage. It is very important to take good care of your hair if you want it to grow long and strong.

#ExpertTip – Try to oil your hair and leave it overnight and then shampoo. A hot oil massage can do wonders to your hair. You should try doing a hair spa at home at least once a month.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated

You may have heard this a hundred times. But there is nothing that eating healthy and drinking enough water can’t cure. Water replenishes your body with the necessary nutrients. It also hydrates your hair shafts and thus makes your hair healthier. You should also eat healthy.

Remember the quote “Drink your vegetables, and eat your fruits!”  Add as many green vegetables as you can to your diet. Spinach, Bell peppers etc. are very beneficial to not only your body but your hair too. If you include all these in your everyday diet we are sure that long healthy tresses will not be a dream anymore.

#ExpertTip – You should add many healthy foods to your diet. Read our article on superfoods for healthy hair to know just the right stuff.


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