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    Who doesn’t want to have easily manageable and great looking hair...
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Who doesn’t want to have easily manageable and great looking hair every day? It’s not all that difficult. The following tips will help to make your hair better not only for the day, but also help to improve it and keep it healthy in the long run.

Eat healthy

It all begins with what you eat. Having foods rich in nutrients like iron and proteins is known to improve the quality of your hair (the texture, the volume, etc.).

· Leafy vegetables and eggs are the way to go.

· Other vitamins like Vitamin D and Omega are also believed to be important to hair health.

Keep them moisturized

Does your hair feel too dry? Does it break very easily? It is very essential to retain the natural oils of the hair and to provide nourishment from external sources as well.

· Washing hair too frequently may seem like a good idea but will only strip the hair of its natural nutrients and make it weaker.

·  Always use conditioner after shampooing and occasionally deep condition (Deep conditioning involves conditioning the roots and keeping the conditioner for longer than usual).

·  It is advisable to wash off conditioner with cold water and preferably use luke-warm water to wash your hair, since hot water is known to be damaging and adds to fizz.

· Using a serum after a hair wash could provide more nourishment to the hair and also make it more manageable.

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Pamper your hair

It is a good idea to give some more time to your hair besides the time you spend washing and conditioning them.

· Use hair masks: Dampen your hair and apply a mixture of an egg and 2 table spoons of honey to your scalp. Keep it for a couple of minutes and the rinse your hair. Egg is known to be a remedy for numerous hair problems like dry hair, greasy hair, dandruff, etc.

· Hot oil massage: Massage your hair with light oils like almond or coconut at least once a week, wrap your hair in a steamed towel and then wash the oil out.

Our hair is the one accessory that we always wear. There are so many ways in which we can experiment with our hair and want to. It is important to keep our hair healthy to look good and feel better. You can share with us any tips that you have on maintaining healthy hair on our Facebook and Twitter  page.