• Keeping coloured hair soft and shiny
    Ever wanted beautifully colored hair that is also soft and shiny?
    GODREJ EXPERT | Posted :  1 year ago

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Ever wanted beautifully colored hair that is also soft and shiny? Seems too good to be true? Well, think again! Below are a few tips that will give you exactly what you want. Looking pretty is easy!

  1. Stop excessive use of hair styling devices

Hairstyling devices like blow dryers, curlers and straighteners damage the root of the scalp. We all love styling our hair but one must be extremely cautious while using the same as it may burn your hair in the process and leave it looking dry. Try to use these devices only for special occasions when it’s absolutely needed.

  1.  Reduce over washing

Over washing your hair too much may deplete your scalp of the necessary natural oils leaving it dry and malnourished. Thus use just the right amount of shampoo and conditioner to retain the beautiful soft hair. 

  1. Oil massage

Pampering yourself makes you feel good and when you feel good you look good. An oil massage will help increase your blood circulation and replenish the natural oils.

  1. Limit exposure to the sun

Cover up! Too much exposure to the sun makes the hair dry and scanty. One must take precautions to avoid the same. Wearing a hat or scarf on days when you know you will be spending a long time in the sun is often the best solution.

  1. Condition the hair

To get rid of dry and frizzy hair condition it regularly. Conditioning the hair will moisturize it and help in retaining the hair and making it looked nourished.

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