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    Summers are very very hot! But it’s also a great season to look your...
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Summers are very very hot!  But it’s also a great season to look your best and have some fun! If you’re searching for the perfect summer look you’ve come to the right place!

As you battle the summer heat waves here are some fashionable looks that you must surely try out!

The Brunch Look

Clothes: Bring out your summery dresses! All the florals and light colours would look amazing during the summer months.

Accessories: You could wear cute studs and ballet flats to match your outfit.

Hair: Brush your hair well and let it fall naturally as it would. Twist the strands on the left side and the clip them in place. Tie your hair into a pony and you’re ready for the perfect brunch look!

The Date-Night Look

Clothes: When you want to be dressed to impress, but also be extremely comfortable while doing so a long maxi dress is your way to go. So wear your maxi and enjoy your date night

Accessories: You could pair your maxi dress with long earrings and a thin bracelet. Wear heels to complete the look.

Hair: Hold your hair up and then tie it into a high ponytail! This will prevent you from feeling hot and will make you look oh-so-trendy!

The Casual Look

Clothes: During the summer month’s linen is your answer! Wear loose comfortable linen pants with plain light coloured tops.

Accessories – Go minimalistic on the accessories; wear small pearl earrings with a pendant necklace. Wear your most comfortable shoes!

Hair – You could tie your hair into a plait! This would not only make you look amazing, but also help to beat the summer heat!

The Beach Look

Clothes – Even though the summers are very hot, wouldn’t we all love to go for a swim or take a dip in the sea and go by the beach and? Bring out your kimono style caftans for the perfect beach look. You could wear this over your swimsuit while you just laze by the sea.

Accessories – Remove your trendy sunglasses and wear flip flops to be comfortable.

Hair – Hold up your hair and twist it into a bun, secure it in place with a rubber band or clip.


Voila, here you have the perfect summer looks decoded! So get ready to beat the heat in style!

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