• Looks For The Winter Season
    Here are some looks for the winter season that we feel you should...
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Wouldn’t it be lovely to sip some hot chocolate and huddle during the winter months? The winter season is when temperatures are quite low and it tends to be cold. In India, certain regions get quite cold while the others not so much.

Here are some looks for the winter season that we feel you should definitely try:

The comfortable look

This look is perfect for those would want to look great but be super comfortable in the look.   

Clothes – You could wear a sweatshirt with black leggings. Wear a baby pink or beige coloured sweatshirt. This is extremely simple and requires minimal effort. Nowadays you get a lot of plain sweatshirts with a word or two printed on it. It looks very trendy

Accessories – Other than your bag and tan ballet flats, this look requires no accessories. If you really want to you could wear small earrings with it

Hair – Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Comb it first to ensure it is free of any tangles, and then from the very top hold it back together to make a ponytail


The stylish look

Heading out for party? Or just a brunch? This look would work best.

Clothes – Wear a long maxi, ideally a full sleeved one. You can wear a woolen or knit one, as it will keep you warm. This does not only look stylish but also prevents you from feeling cold

Accessories – Carry a small clutch in your hand, and wear long dangling earrings! That’s it

Hair – You could leave your hair open by letting it fall just as is. You can use hair serum to set it in place. Alternatively, you could also keep your hair in its usual parting and clip it to one side


The trendy look

This is more appropriate for places where the temperatures are quite low.

Clothes – To dawn this look, wear a tight fitted black tank tee tucked into your blue jeans. Be sure to wear a trendy overcoat to keep your warm

Accessories – You could wear a muffler around your neck to keep you warm. Additionally, pair this look with some boots

Hair – During the winter months your hair can get quite dry, hence we suggest tying it into a plait. You could try a French or a fishtail braid

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