• Looks To Go With Black Hair
    Black never goes out of fashion!
    GODREJ EXPERT | Posted :  1 year ago

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Black never goes out of fashion! Black is a very classic colour and the most universal colour there is. Most Indians generally have black hair. Here we give you certain styles which would help to glam up your overall look.


Monochrome Mania

Clothes – Go for a dress or a top that is monochrome. This would include anything in black and white colour tones. You could wear a pencil skirt and top tucked in if you’re headed for a meeting.

Accessories – If you’re going for a bold look, why not pair this outfit with red stilettos. You could even wear long earrings to add to it.

Hair – We suggest going for a high ponytail with this look. Hold up all your hair together and tie up with a rubber band. You could use clips to prevent and loose strands from coming out.


Print on Print

Clothes – Black goes with almost anything, in fact everything goes well with the black shade. Don’t we all have a few printed tops that we love? They could have fun colourful prints on it. Wear such a top with high waisted black leggings, and you’re set!

Accessories – Be minimalistic with the accessories. Pearls would go well with this outfit. You could wear pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet. Wear ballet flats or fancy open shoes.

Hair – We suggest going for a poof. This is a classic hairstyle that looks fabulous and is super easy to dawn. It looks very elegant. Brush your hair well and ensure there are no knots in it. Separate the top section of your hair from the rest of your hair. Comb it separately and ensure it stays in place. Push it forward and clip it in place!


Dawn the denim

Clothes – Denims are a classic! We all love denim, don’t we? They are so simple to style and can be paired with almost anything. Wear a denim dress or plain coloured tee with 3/4th denim pants. This is a very casual look.

Accessories – Such a look can be pulled of well without too many accessories! You could wear small earrings and sneakers. Sneakers are super trendy these days and have an added advantage of being comfortable over other shoes.

Hair – We just going for a French braid. It will add to this look and complete it in the best way possible. Brush your hair well then begin braiding all of it right from the top. Once you are done use a rubber band to hold it in place.


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