• Looks to go with brown hair
    Most people who colour their hair go with the brown shade. It does not...
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Most people who colour their hair go with the brown shade. It does not add a drastic change to your overall look but instead is a very subtle change. Brown as a colour is very warm and for people colouring for the first time a very safe option.
Work Look
So you want a perfect look that you can wear on an important day to work. A meeting, your first appraisal or even your first day to work. We have the perfect option:
  • Clothes – Go for a formal pencil dress or a pair of dark blue format pants with a white shirt tucked in. This would be perfect for a meeting you may have
  • Accessories – Team this with a pair of long earrings preferably silver or gold and a pair of heels
  • Hair – Your brown hair tied into a high ponytail would look fabulous in this look
Night out look
So you need a look that would be perfect for a night out. You want to be well dressed and look dazzling too!
  • Clothes – Wear a black dress, it is super chic and one you can never go wrong with. You could wear a well fitted black dress
  • Accessories – Wear coloured heels – a bold red would look amazing. You could also wear some gold jewelry, a necklace and rings
  • Hair – You could make your hair into a simple chignon.  A chignon is a classic hairstyle that can be thought of as a cross between a ponytail and a bun. It may sound complicated but can be very simple if done correctly
Here are the steps in dawning this hairstyle:
  1. At first use a comb to make a middle part in your hair
  2. Once you have done this gather all your hair at the back
  3. Then take the gathered hair in one hand and twist it in a clockwise direction by rolling your wrist
  4. Do this gently so as to avoid any breakage 
  5. Keep twisting it until all of your hair is in a tight spiral
  6. Once you have done that gather all your hair into a bun
  7. Coil it in a clockwise circle around its base shape
  8. Once you finish wrapping all your hair, hold it in place with the help of bobby pins
Brunch Look
So you’re getting out for a Sunday brunch, you need a look that is casual yet classy. Here is just the perfect look.
  • Clothes – Go floral! A floral jumpsuit or a dress would be the perfect choice for your brunch
  • Accessories – Wear ballet flats for this super cute look. You could carry a cross body sling that is close to a tan shade
  • Hair – Leave your hair open, you could wear a nice hairband to hold it back. Push your hairband behind at first to create a small poof and voila! You’re ready
Try these amazing looks and tell us what you think of it! If you have any other suggestions write to us on Facebook or Twitter.