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    Burgundy may seem to be a very bold choice for a hair colour. But it...
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Burgundy may seem to be a very bold choice for a hair colour. But it is also a very wise choice, since burgundy goes well with a number of skin-tones. Finding your perfect hair colour is, however, only the first step towards the look that makes you stand out. Choosing what to wear with the new hair is also a challenge. Here’s how you can work the look:


Keep it simple

Neutral colours like a nude or tan is a good choice for a regular day at work or a casual outing like a family lunch. This could be coupled with brighter make up (not too bright though): lipsticks the shade of light pink would go well with a nude outfit. You can go all out on accessorizing: not too colourful; darker and chunkier jewellery will be your best bet.


Go classic

After a long day at work when you need to unwind put on that chic black dress or the navy blue gown and your favourite pair of stilettos. Light red blush and slightly darker eye make-up will complete the look for the evening and you’re all set to let your hair down!


Catch the light

Burgundy is known to be a very fresh looking colour especially during the summers. Summer colours like green and brown suit the burgundy hair. Brown or reddish eyeliner would be a better choice as compared to black eyeliner.


The hair do

According to the occasion, time of the day, and of course what you feel like doing with your hair that day: let them loose, go for the classic pony tail or the messy bun. There is not much that burgundy coloured hair will not support in terms of hairstyles.

It is not much of a task to set a look to a match burgundy hair, just mind the tones and be prepared to dazzle even with the most basic of hues.

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