• Quick Hairstyles
    Here are a few hairstyle hacks that are super quick and look amazing.
    GODREJ EXPERT | Posted :  1 year ago

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Most of us are always in a hurry! In the morning sometimes you have very little time to do up your hair well. That shouldn’t stop you from looking and feeling fabulous correct? We agree. Here are a few hairstyle hacks that are super quick and look amazing.


4 Step magic

All you need for this hairstyle are these four simple steps – Divide, Knot, Twist & Pin

1. First you divide your hair into two parts. You now have to unmade ponytails in either hand

2. Now tie these two into a knot

3. Once you have done this, twist the knot onto one side

4. Lastly pin it in place. You could use a really fancy pin to add to this easy hairstyle


Hairband all the way

All you need is a cute hairband that matches your overall look

1. Brush your hair well so that it falls straight and is free of any tangles

2. Now place this hairband holding your hair back

3. You could experiment with the hairband look. You could either leave some hair out of the hairband or take all of it in it and then pushing it forward forming a poof

4. Both look amazing and literally take less than a few minutes


Twisty bun

This may sound complex but is actually very simple and can be made very quickly.

1. Brush your hair well and free it of any tangles

2. Now divide your hair into two parts similar to the way you did in the first hairstyle

3. Braid each part separately

4. The twist both these braid over each other so as to form a bun

5. Once done pin it in place and you are ready


The poof

This is a classic hairstyle that looks fabulous and is super easy to dawn. It looks very elegant.

1. Brush your hair well and ensure there are no knots in it

2. Separate the top section of your hair from the rest of your hair

3. Comb it separately and ensure it stays in place

4.  Push it forward and clip it in place

With these hacks you can do up your hair in literally 5 minutes and leave your house with your hair looking like a crowning glory.

If you have any other hairstyle hacks, do share it with us on Facebook and Twitter.