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    Having soft, smooth and shiny hair is every woman’s dream!...
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Having soft, smooth and shiny hair is every woman’s dream! Wouldn’t you agree? Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight soft and shiny hair surely makes it look much healthier. Soft and shiny hair may require some effort. Proper hair care is the only way to get and keep soft and shiny hair.


We’ve got you covered! Read these simple do’s and don’ts that will help you keep your hair at its best.


1.Go for a haircut at least once in 2 months. Regular haircuts are believed to make your hair grow faster

2.Wash your hair using lukewarm or cold water. Hot water is known to deplete the hair of its moisture and can make it look frizzy and unmanageable.

3.Always stay hydrated. Have lots of water throughout the day. If possible, keep a water bottle with you at all times so that you drink enough water

4.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This will not only keep your overall body healthy but also improve the quality of your hair

5.Brush your hair often. Brushing your hair is believed to increase blood circulation thus making the hair stronger

6.Oil your hair the night before you shampoo. Oiling along with a massage is believed to help get rid of dry and dull hair.

7.If you want to colour your hair, use a hair colour that is ammonia free and has some ingredients beneficial for your hair.

Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour is not only ammonia free, but is also enriched with aloe and milk protein which keep your hair soft and shiny.



1.Stay away from hair irons, straighteners and other heat styling tools as much as possible. These are believed to damage your hair in the long run

2.Don’t sleep at night with your hair tied. This is believed to put force on the hair which may lead to breakage

3.Don’t rub your wet hair with a towel. Wet hair is believed to be very weak hence is prone to breakage. Let it air dry instead

4.Don’t wash your hair daily. Washing your hair every day is believed to deplete the hair of its necessary oils thus making it prone to damage

5.Don’t pull your hair too tightly while styling it or tying a ponytail. Too much pressure will weaken your hair from the roots thus leading to hair fall.

6.In case you have to use a blow dryer, don’t keep it too close to the scalp and keep moving it around rather than focusing on one area

Now that you have these in mind, having soft and shiny tresses is no longer a dream

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