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    Elements of the environment and how we treat our hair are the two main...
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Elements of the environment and how we treat our hair are the two main factors that affect the health of our hair. One of the major problems that a large number of people face is split ends. Getting a haircut seems like the easiest way to get rid of split ends, but it is not the only one. Split ends can be avoided by following some easy tips on a daily basis.

Trim it regularly

Trimming your hair at regular intervals helps your hair grow faster and healthier. It is also the easiest and most commonly used method to prevent split ends from becoming severe or occurring. When the ends are regularly cut more wear and tear or fraying of the ends is avoided.

Avoid trying to trim your hair at home, because using scissors that are not meant for cutting hair can cause more split ends by damaging the tips of your hair.  Do not trim your hair when it is wet.

Wash it right

Shampooing too often can make the hair dry and brittle leading to split ends. If you must wash your hair often then try using a mild shampoo. Hard water or too much exposure to chlorine also affect the texture of the hair. Washing hair with luke warm water is known to be better than using hot water.

Conditioning is known to be beneficial, try conditioning at least thrice a week. While conditioning, focus on the tips and avoid rubbing conditioner to the scalp since it may leave residue. Try to detangle your hair when in the shower.

After wash care

Scrubbing and rubbing while drying the hair causes breakage. Try wrapping your hair in a towel and gently squeeze different areas to draw out moisture. Brushing wet hair leads to more split ends. Combing with a wide tooth comb just to get rid of tangles is a good idea.

Oil it well

Oiling hair is beneficial to the overall health of the hair. Oiling hair regularly helps restore the nutrients in the hair, which plays a major role in preventing split ends.

Eat well and stay hydrated

A healthy diet including lots of vitamins from foods like leafy vegetables, oranges and wheat, etc. can help to improve the health of your hair and strengthen them. Drinking lots of water is known to keep your hair healthy. You can not only successfully avoid having split ends and having to cut your hair, but it’ll also lend a nice lustrous look.

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