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    For those who want to have long, healthy and gorgeous looking hair we...
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Longer and healthier hair is easier to maintain and there are more options when it comes to styling. It is believed that hair grows by about one to one and a half inches in a month. For those who want to have long, healthy and gorgeous looking hair we have brought some tips that are known to help speed up the growth of hair and also improve quality of hair.

Pre-shower tips

Massaging the scalp with warm oil for at least 30 minutes before shampooing is a good idea. You must find out which oil will suit your scalp and hair type best. Massaging your scalp improves the blood circulation which is known to boost hair growth, and provide necessary nourishment. The application just before shampooing also reduces the harsh effects that the shampoo may have on your hair.

Remember when shampooing

Depending on how often you wash your hair, select a shampoo that serves the purpose and does not lead to residue build-up on the scalp. This could lead to the pores getting blocked and the hair growth will be reduced and the hair quality will deteriorate.

Post- shower tips

Drop the habit of keeping the towel turbaned on your head while your hair dries. Either use a t-shirt to dry your hair or use the towel to lightly wring the excess water out of your hair without tugging or twisting too much since this damages the hair and causes breakage.

Also, avoid brushing your hair immediately after a shower. Hair are most vulnerable to breakage and any other kind of damage when they are wet. At the most, use a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair when they’re damp.

Mind your diet and liquid intake

It is important to eat healthy and get a whole lot of proteins along with other vitamins. Drinking water in abundance improves the quality of your hair and it looks more lustrous. It is also very good for your overall health, so why not?!

Trim it to make it grow

Getting a haircut to facilitate its growth seems like the ultimate irony. But the idea behind getting your hair regularly trimmed is to keep the hair healthy while it grows. If your hair is prone to split ends it is a good idea to get a trim as soon as possible to avoid the split from going further up the length of the hair which will mean you will have to cut off more hair.

Maintain a routine

If you’re making changes to your lifestyle to make your hair grow faster or improve its health it is important to stick to the practices that you pick till you achieve the desired results and then you can phase it out. Changing brands or products that you use too often may not work in your favour.

There are numerous other practices that are known to help make the growth of hair faster and better, let us know what worked for you on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some hair care tips for long hair which will help you take better care of your hair.