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    It is believed thicker looking hair is healthier. While this may not...
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It is believed thicker looking hair is healthier. While this may not necessarily be true most women want to have thicker and bouncy looking hair. Read on to know of some tips that may help you make your thin and fine hair look thicker.

When you wash

When shampooing your hair make sure to massage it well into your scalp, it will not only clean your hair better but also stimulate blood flow to the scalp making the hair look healthier. While conditioning is advisable, make sure to rinse properly since residue may lead to your hair being weighed down and look flat.

When you style

Blow-drying: If you must blow dry, try to keep the heat at a minimum to avoid frizz. Flip your hair over and blow dry from the back with a round brush. This will give the hair an instant voluminous look. Another technique that can give the hair a thicker look is lifting the hair at the roots with a comb and lightly blow drying.

Switch the part: If your hairstyle includes a partition consider switching the side the part falls on. When hair is parted one way for too long it makes the hair flatter that way. When the partition is flipped the hair gets lifted away from the scalp and the top of the head looks like it has more volume.

Haircuts: If you have thinner hair you may want to keep a short hairstyle. Curly or wavy hairstyles, or hairstyles with correct layering tend to give hair a fuller look.

When you sleep

Following a few tips on how to keep your hair when you are going to bed will help give your hair a thicker and fuller feel and look the next day.

Tying a high ponytail when you sleep will help keep the roots held up, and when the hair is let down in the morning it is more voluminous from the scalp. Also keeping hair in lose tucked in braids/plaits when sleeping is gives the hair a nice wavy look and it appears to have more volume in the morning.

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