• Tips to protect your hair from pollution
    You must take care of your skin and hair because they form an...
    GODREJ EXPERT | Posted :  1 year ago

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You must take care of your skin and hair because they form an important part of your appearance. Pollution is known to affect the health and look of your hair. There is no way to entirely avoid pollution, but there are measures that can be taken to minimize the effects of pollution on your hair.

Clean and condition

Washing your hair on a regular basis keeps the hair clean. Shampooing the hair properly from the roots while massaging the scalp properly is known to facilitate unclogging the pores and improve blood flow to the hair. Using a mild daily wash shampoo is advisable. Keeping the hair well-conditioned will help reduce the wear and tear.

Cover it

The sun’s UV rays are said to be harmful for the hair. Over exposure to the sun starts making the hair look dry and dull. Covering the hair with a scarf or hat helps prevent direct effects of these harmful rays. Applying serum protects the hair since it forms a layer on the hair strands preventing the harmful pollutants from directly attacking the hair.

Oil your hair

Keeping hair oiled for too long and going out with oiled hair may not be best for your hair. It is seen that oiled hair gets dirtier more easily and faster. Also remember not to keep the oul for a very long time, as keeping oil in the hair longer makes it harder to wash off. The harder it is to wash off, the more shampoo you’ll use and eventually the hair becomes drier.

Steam it

Treating your hair and scalp with steam once in a while is known to help open up the pores and improve blood circulation.

Protecting the hair from pollution and taking steps to reduce the damage due to pollution can go a long way in helping maintain the heath of your hair and keep your appearance at its best! Let us know which of these tips has proved most effective for you on Facebook and Twitter.

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