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    Colouring your hair at home is very simple. Here are the top 10 hair...
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Colouring your hair at home is very simple. Here are the top 10 hair colouring tips which you should keep in mind while colouring your hair:


  1. Get organized before you start colouring your hair. Make sure you have gloves, an old shirt that you could wear, a towel, a wide tooth comb and the right quantity of hair colour


  1. Always buy extra colour! While colouring your hair at home if you fall short of the colour it may lead to hair being unevenly coloured. It is always advisable to buy a bigger pack and have extra. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is also available in a multi-application pack so you don’t have to worry about falling short!


  1. Once you apply the components of the pack to your hair, leave it on for the right amount of time as indicated on the pack so as to achieve best results from the hair colour.


  1. Take some time in deciding the shade that will best suit you. Don’t be confused! Here is an article on “Which shade suits you” that will surely help in making the right decision.


  1. Always read the instructions well before starting to colour your hair. The components of your hair colour usually include an instruction leaflet which will properly give the steps to colour.


  1. If you have grey hair, then make sure you focus on them when you start colouring. Divide your hair into small sections and then colour. This makes it easier for you to ensure that you have evenly coloured your hair.


  1. Once you have evenly applied the colour on your hair, you could cover it with a shower cap while you leave it on. This will help to prevent any staining.


  1. Always keep gloves handy when you are colouring your hair. Have an extra pair of gloves just in case. Even while washing the colour of your hair you should wear a pair of gloves.


  1. Always condition your hair right after you colour. Conditioning your hair is known to help preserve the colour and shine.


  1. You should also use products that are made specifically for coloured hair. Check for a “For Coloured Hair” label before buying your shampoo & conditioner.


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