• Ways To Reduce Hair Fall For Men
    Hair loss is known to be one of the most common problems worldwide...
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Hair loss is known to be one of the most common problems worldwide affecting one third of the population. Men sometimes notice that their hair is thinning prematurely for several different reasons. There could be many reasons of hair loss which include diet, medications, mineral deficiency, stress, genetics or pollution.

Here are some tips below for men to reduce hair fall:

Regularly wash your hair with mild shampoo:

Keeping your scalp clean is a way of preventing hair loss. If you wash your hair daily with a mild shampoo, your scalp will stay clean which will in turn reduce hair loss. This is also believed to lower the risk of any infections or dandruff which may lead to hair breakage or hair loss.

Use essential oils to massage:

All those who are suffering from hair fall could use essential oils to massage their scalp for a few minutes. It helps your hair follicles remain active. You can add lavender in almond or sesame oil.

Keep yourself hydrated:

The hair shaft is known to comprise of one quarter water so drink at least 6 to 8 cups of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated and for the growth of healthy hair.

Keep a watch on your medication:

Certain medications may have side effects, one of which could be hair loss. Visit your doctor and let him know if you have noticed hair loss after starting with some new medication.

Avoid brushing wet hair:

When hair is wet it is in its weakest state. Brushing wet hair increases the chances of hair loss. Using a wide toothed comb to remove tangles is a better option, or even better use your fingers as they will cause least damage and hair loss.

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