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    With dozens of hair colouring brands and choices, it becomes a real...
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With dozens of hair colouring brands and choices, it becomes a real challenge for you to choose the correct one for your hair. Your hair is the crown that you never take off! It is very important that you take the correct decision when you are colouring your hair. Below are some points that will help you choose the correct hair colour for your hair:

Always go for a No- Ammonia hair colour: Ammonia is known to be one of the worst offenders found in the beauty and hair business. The harsh effects of ammonia include irritation to the nose, eyes, throat, respiratory system and it could also cause burns to the skin if used in larger quantitiesThough No Ammonia or Ammonia free colours do not bleach and lighten your hair as strongly as an Ammonia based colour, they help retain the amino acid balance in your hair, causing less damage to your hair.

Look for Natural Ingredients in the hair colour: Natural ingredients are always known to be a better pick in hair colours rather than other chemical ingredients in it. The more the chemicals the more the damage. Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Milk Proteins are the best when it comes to nourishing your hair as well while colouring it. The healing and soothing properties of Aloe Vera also provide relief to those with a sensitive scalp, prone to irritation, which might occur after colouring the hair.

Go for a brand that has their contents pre-measured: This may turn out to be a huge advantage as most of the time people get confused about how much quantity of developer to mix with how much quantity of colourant and other such confusions. Therefore, if the pack has its contents pre-measured from before, it becomes very easy for you to just mix them and start colouring your hair. This becomes convenient if you would want to colour your hair yourself sitting at home.

Wide range of shades to choose from: Always go for a hair colour that has the above qualities but would also give you a wide range of shades to choose from. It is very important that you choose the correct shade before you colour your hair.

If you keep in mind these important points before choosing your hair colour, you are ready to go for it and glam up your look. Now that you know what to look for in a perfect hair colour,  Try Godrej Expert Rich Crème today!