• Your Bad Hair Day Recovery Guide
    Bad hair can make us irritable and further comments from our friends...
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Bad hair days are a part of our life and everyone knows that. Each one of us must have experienced a bad hair day. It can happen to anyone. Bad hair can make us irritable and further comments from our friends end up making our day worse. No matter how hard one tries, it might happen again. So here are a few hacks to recover from a bad hair day:

Try a messy hairstyle:

This would not only look good but will also be easy to carry as your hair would already be messy on that day. A messy bun or a messy one-sided braid would be easy to make and would also keep your hair in place all day.

Use a dry shampoo:

One of the most common reasons for bad hair day is oil. Oily hair is unpleasant to look at and feels greasy as well. Using a dry shampoo on it will help you get rid of the oiliness and greasiness without having a hair wash. It will also make your hair look more voluminous. Talcum powder is another hack that can be used if you do not have dry shampoo. This will help absorb oil from your hair instantly.


This is one of the best ways to remedy a bad hair day. Accessories like hairbands, hair clips, ribbons, head bands, bows will help keep your messy hair in place. If none of these work, you could just put on a hat or a scarf to cover your hair up. They will draw attention away from your hair.

Tie a braid:

A very essential tip to quickly improve your look on a bad hair day is a simple braid. Braids are of many types and are also very simple to make. If you are running late a 3 strand braid should be your choice but, if you have time you could also go for a 4 or 5 strand braid or a more detailed or a styled one.

Here is a holistic guide on hair care that will help you in preventing your hair from becoming messy and greasy often.

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