5 Brilliant shades of Christmas hair colour

Christmas is just around the corner and it is all about – holidays, chilly weather, the festively decorated shops with blinking lights, a Christmas tree around the corner and the aroma of freshly baked cakes and cookies in the air. Amidst the chills, partying with friends give us much-needed warmth and every year we look for ideas to transform our party look. A bold eyeshadow, glittery red lipstick have always been the go-to options. This year, try an instant hair colour to look chic and fabulous for the upcoming holidays.

Christmas is the time to experiment with some bold shades and match your hair with cosy jackets and trendy winter wear. Here are some Christmas hair colour ideas for you to rock the Christmas party.

1. Silver Hair colour for ladies:

Ho..Ho…Ho.. Santa Claus is here!! The Christmas decor is a combination of bright red, green and white. Amidst such bright decor, the red and white coat of the Santa with silver curls is a favourite dress for the Christmas party. It is cute and magnificent at the same time. Colour your hair frosty silver, wear a white sequin gown and bold red lipstick and you are set to party all night. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is the best hair colour for women.

Silver Hair colour for ladies - Godrej Expert

If you have naturally black or dark hair colour, then it would be tough to colour your hair icy silver. You would need to make several visits to the salon to achieve the perfect silver hair goal. You need to invest time and money in maintaining this hair colour as it fades easily and you need to visit the salon almost every month to get the touch-ups done. Also, bleaching your hair would mean harsh treatments which would require you to take good care of your hair. So be very sure before opting for silver hair colour.

2. Brown Hair Colour:

Brown comes in a variety of fashionable and stylish shades and one can be confused for a long time.  The richer tones of dark brown hair colour that resembles shades of chocolate are warm and cosy, just like the winter hair colour for ladies should be. Dark brown hair colour looks beautiful as overall hair colour and it also provides a perfect canvas for highlights. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is the best hair colour for women and comes in 3 beautiful shades of brown – Natural brown, black-brown and dark brown hair colour. You can choose one of the pretty shades of Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour and colour your hair at home in just 30 minutes.

Dark brown hair colour - Godrej Expert

The more shiny hair you want, the darker the hair colour you should choose. Dark hair reflects more light and makes your hair look shiny. Also, women with light hair should opt for darker shades of brown as it makes the hair look voluminous naturally. The Dark Brown hair colour by Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is like rich chocolate and is easy to maintain.

3. Red/burgundy hair colour:

Red hair colour is considered casual, stylish and funky and mostly for women who wish to stand out from the crowd.  Red hair and a light layer of makeup will make you look young and charming and is sure to attract everyone’s attention at the party. If you are one of those who are not comfortable with bright red hair colour then choose a balance of cool violet and warm red shades to colour your hair with burgundy hair colour. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is the best hair colour in India and it comes in a beautiful burgundy shade which adds red hues to your hair. It is not too bright and hence, it is the best hair colour for women who love subtle changes.

4. Natural Black Hair colour:

Choice of hair colour shades in India may be varied but natural black hair colour never goes out of fashion. When in doubt go for natural black instant hair colour. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is a hair colour without ammonia and its unique formula has 10x aloe vera which makes the hair soft and shiny. Colour your hair shiny black and everyone is sure to swoon over your looks.

Natural Black Hair colour - Godrej Expert5. Ombre:

Ombre hair colour is the hair colour technique of seamless graduation from darker roots to lighter ends. You can choose to maintain natural hair colour at the top section of your hair and highlight the bottom section. Alternatively, you chose a combination of dark and light hair colour for the ombre effect. Silver and black, dark brown hair colour and naturally brown hair colour make great combinations. Ombre is easy to maintain and a great way to hide dull hair or split ends.

Ombre hair colour - Godrej Expert

With Christmas comes winters and we hope that all the suggestions above will make the ladies’ face glow in front of the bonfire and your hair colour will grab all the eyeballs at the Christmas party. But what about the men?

Every lady loves to colour hair at home but not many men are comfortable in experimenting with their looks and instant hair colour is just limited to covering greys using hair colour for black hair. Changing the hair colour shade is a simple way for the men to stun everyone with their looks. So here we share simple hair colour tips for men to make a subtle yet eye-catching change in their looks.

  1. Drastic changes in hair colour require higher maintenance. So consider the efforts you are willing to put in before you choose to colour your hair. Easiest and best hair colour for men would be the one that is closer to your natural hair colour.
  2. Consider your skin tone before choosing a shade of hair colour. Most Indian men have warm to neutral skin tones. Dark brown hair colour or natural brown hair colour beautifully complements the warm Indian skin tones. It is a trendy hair colour that will make you stand out.
    Natural brown hair colour for Men - Godrej Expert
  3. Salt and pepper is a favourite amongst men these days. It is a low maintenance style and also a way to embrace your greys instead of hiding them.
  4. Highlights are another trending option for men. Colour just a few strands on the crown, streaks across the hair or just the hair tips. Check Pinterest for inspirations and you are sure to be spoilt for choices.
  5. Global hair colour is the easiest way to colour your hair. You can use Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour to colour your hair at home in just 30 minutes. Just do a skin allergy test 48 hours before using the product. If you don’t see any redness or irritation then the hair colour is safe to use.
  6. For men, the haircut is as important as choosing the right hair colour brands. So be sure of how you wish to style your hair and discuss the same with your stylist too. Unlike women, you won’t have options to use hair extensions or clips so you need to be absolutely sure before making a choice of hair colour and hairstyle.

Hope these hair colour ideas have helped you. Would love to hear about your favourite hair colour.

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