5 Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Indian beauty has always been synonymous with long hair. With changing times, women have experimented with their looks and discovered that short hair looks equally flattering and trendy. Not just that, short hair comes with a lot of advantages. It is comfortable and easily manageable. It is cooling in the scorching summer heat and you take less time to get ready. In spite of the numerous benefits, most women fear losing their grace and style by chopping off their locks. However, the right haircut, styling technique and hair colour for ladies can actually make the hair appear fuller and thicker than ever.

Ladies with thin hair are even more sceptical of trying any drastic changes. Grey hair makes the hair appear even thinner. However, instant hair colour for ladies and the right hairstyle can work together to give thin, short greys everything it lacks. The best hair colour for women is one that gives 100% grey hair coverage and adds to the density and texture of the hair. Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Colour is a hair colour without ammonia and its unique formula is enriched with 10x aloe Vera that covers the greys and makes the hair look soft and shiny. With Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Colour one can easily do a hair colour for grey hair at home. There are 5 beautiful hair colour shades of the best hair colour for women in India – Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Colour. The 5 shades available are – Natural Black, Dark brown hair colour, Natural Brown Hair Colour, Brown Black Hair colour, Burgundy Hair Colour. 

Ladies with short hair often believe that trying different hair colour ideas at home is the only experiment they can do. However, there are a number of chic hairstyles that one can try. Short hair can also be very versatile and can be easily styled with any outfit and for any occasion. Check out the following hairstyles and sport them anywhere and everywhere.

1. Partial Knot

The partial knot looks best with shoulder-length hair. Just take the front section of your hair and tie them in a small knot at your back. Secure it with bobby pins. For formal occasions when you are dressed up in a suit or a saree, make a neat bun and keep hair frizz-free. However, for casual occasions, you can choose to make just a messy knot. Few streaks of burgundy hair colour or light brown hair colour would take your style statement a notch higher.

2. Side Braid

If you are inexperienced with braids then a braided hairstyle with short hair can become messy. If it’s your first time, pick up a basic braided style. Just take a side portion of your hair and twist them like a French braid along the hairline. This hairstyle is also called the braided crown which looks cute and chic at the same time. The braided crown can be just on one side of your hair or on the crown of your head. To add oomph, cover your greys at home with the Natural brown hair colour shade of Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour and get luscious locks. This goes well with the funky, casual look.

3. Pixie Cut

If you have thin hair and are always short of hairstyle choices, then a pixie cut is perfect for you. The choppy layers in pixie cut add volume to the hair and the Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair colour covers your greys and adds texture to the hair. It is the best hair colour for women and that pixie cut makes them look beautiful and youthful. The pixie cut is a no-fuss and low maintenance haircut. You just need to colour your hair at home, wash them and let your fingers do the magic. Any party, any outfit, you can safely sport this cut and feel confident of the amazing woman you are.

4. Blunt bob with a Headband

Wearing a simple headband can make the classic blunt bob, vibrant. For some women, straight hair is a curse while for others it’s nothing less than a blessing. The hairstyle looks best with poker-straight hair that is healthy, soft and shiny. Wondering how to choose hair colour for the blunt bob? Make sure you cover all the grey hair, and that’s about it. You can choose any instant hair colour that suits your skin tone and it would look amazing with the bob. Some ladies with curly and wavy hair also pull off this hairstyle really well.\

5. A high short pony

On the way to meet friends or you are running late for a meeting and your hair just refuses to behave?  Just gather your hair together and tie a short ponytail high up. Fringes or front bangs go equally well with a ponytail and define your facial features well. A pony is always in vogue no matter what. It is easy to make, maintain and flaunt your tresses. Also no matter what your hair type – curly, straight out wavy, anyone can make this hairstyle with equal elegance. To add that extra bounce to your ponytail use broadband and secure your ponytail tightly.

Your hair is one of the best assets that you have and carry everywhere you go. Women these days are experimenting with short hair and trying various hairstyles irrespective of their age. There are various ways of creating a hairstyle that would bring the spotlight on you. A number of hair styling tools and chemical products available in the market can make your hair look like magazine cover models. However, using them regularly would temporarily enhance the beauty of your hair but would make them dull and frizzy eventually. So follow a hair care routine that makes your hair beautiful naturally.

Eat nutritious and well-balanced meals. Get 7-8 hours of sound sleep every day. Wash your hair and condition them regularly. If you want to colour your hair at home to cover grey hair, use no-ammonia hair colour. The Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is absolutely safe and makes your hair look soft and shiny too. It is an instant hair colour that can colour your hair in just 30 minutes and give you a new look in no time. Walk-in with your well coloured short hair and all heads in the room are sure to turn.

So what are you waiting for? Chop your locks, try a new haircut and style your hair in the most stylish and eye-catching ways. Just remember to consider your hair texture, the shape of the face and your lifestyle before getting a haircut done.

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