5 Hairstyles For Wedding Season

The wedding season is here and while everyone is busy preparing for all the events of the wedding, one shouldn’t forget about having the perfect hairstyle for this season. Here are a few hairstyles that will make you stand out amongst the crowd.

1. The Elegant Twisted Bun:

Twisted Bun

This is a small bun which can be made within 5 minutes. Start by tying a loose low ponytail and dividing your hair into two sections. Overlap the right section over the left and tie a knot using your hair. Take the loose hair and roll it around the knot to create a bun. Secure it in place using bobby pins. Complete your look by matching the accessory in your bun to your wedding outfit.

2. The Side-Twist Braid:

Wedding Season Hairstyles

Courtesy – Knot Me Pretty (YouTube channel)

This look is perfect for a mehendi function. Tie a side braid from the crown and continue braiding till you create a fishtail. Secure the fishtail braid with an elastic. To make it look classier, add some fancy pins and a fancy hair brooch to your braid. You’re now ready to flaunt your gorgeous braid.


3. The Triple Knot Bun:

Wedding Season Hairstyles

Courtesy – camakes.com

Talk about cool and unique! Pin the hair from your crown in place and divide your hair into three sections. Twist each section till it starts twirling into a bun which can be secured in place with bobby pins. That’s it! This triple knot bun with a flower or a fancy hair brooch will look great with all your outfits this wedding season.


4. The Natural Loose Curls:

Image Courtest: pinterest.com

A hairstyle that never goes out of style – Natural Loose Curls is one of the simplest hairstyles to get. Post washing your hair, blow dry your hair straight using a round brush. Keep the brush curled inwards towards the ends of your hair for inward curls. This simple yet pretty hairstyle will match all the outfits you have in mind for every occasion this wedding season.


5. The Half Up and Half Down:

Wedding Season Hairstyles

Courtesy – thegoodness.com

When you can’t decide between tying your hair up or leaving it down, a half up and half down hairstyle is the perfect solution for you. Gather the hair at the top of your head, leaving the hair from the sides out, to create a pouf and secure it in place with bobby pins. Take the hair from your left and create a simple braid which you can take across the back of the head and secure it on the opposite side. Repeat the same process with the right side to complete the look. You are now ready to look gorgeous this wedding season with this hairstyle!

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Feature Image Courtesy – girlfriendzstudio7.com

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