5 Special Durga Puja Hair Care and Hair Colour Tips

Durga Puja is a festival of joy, devotion, and enjoyment. It is five full days of Goddess Durga’s celebration where different themed pandals are created to showcase various shades of divine feminine aura. Each day of the Durga Puja festival is celebrated like a big party where men and women dress up in their finest clothes and hop from one pandal to another.

However, a long celebration means you have to try a new hairstyle daily and if you have been shortlisting the best hair colour and style ideas for a whole year , you can try a new look every day while pandal hopping ; but then you might end up damaging your hair.

Thus, if you want to maintain your hair’s shape and shine, you need to pick the best hair color brand and chemical-free hair products. Regular exposure to chemical infused hair products can pretty badly damage your hair –so should you style your hair during Durga Puja?

Yes, you can easily style or colour your hair for the Durga Puja celebration, just follow a few common hair care and hair colour tips to protect your hair’s shine.


1. Regularly Rinse Out your Hair

Durga Puja days are quite hectic, where you might not get sufficient time to shampoo your hair. Thus, you should daily rinse your hair after visiting the pandal so that all the pollutants and dirt particles won’t damage your hair. Plus, all the hairstyling products and components you have used will settle on your scalp, which can weaken your hair’s strength. So, make it a ritual to wash your hair with water daily before going to bed.

However, if you are wondering that regular rinsing can wash out the best professional hair colour to cover greys and you have to once again book an appointment with your beauty salon, no need to worry. The simple solution here is to wash your hair with cool water because hot water can raise your hair’s shafts and make it lose moisture. Secondly, when you are using the best hair colour brand, you will automatically get better results.


2. Keep Your Hair Hydrated

When you are regularly implementing different hair care and hair colour ideas, it is going to result in moisture loss and dryness. Now, you can’t look stunning with your frizzy hair, so you have to provide a proper conditioning treatment to your hair. To keep your hair hydrated, you have to include the following elements in your conditioning treatment –

(i) Oiling – Take your grandma’s advice and give a proper oiling treatment to your hair before rinsing off with water.

(ii) Natural Conditioners – It’s good to avoid chemical infused hair conditioners during Durga Puja and stuck to the natural hair conditioners such as bananas, olive oil, eggs, honey, and yogurt.


3. Find the Best Hair Colour Brand

To add volume, shine, and stunning appeal to your hair, you have to start with looking for the best hair colour brand – simply because you can’t go Durga Puja pandal hunting while showing your greys. Thus, you have to find the best hair colour for women in India so that your hair won’t damage after the nine days of constant styling. When you are wondering which is the best hair colour for Indian women and men, you can trust the Godrej expert hair colour range because it is precisely designed for Indians and loaded with numerous features –

(i) Nourish your HairGodrej Expert Rich Crème is the best colour to hide grey hair because it comes with the goodness of aloe vera and milk protein, which means Godrej Expert Rich Crème won’t only cover your greys but will also nourish your hair. You don’t have to worry about your hair care once you nourish them with the best hair colour brand.

(ii) Strengthen your Hair – Overuse of chemically infused hair styling products during the festivals can amplify hair damages. Thus, you need a hair colour without ammonia to maintain the strength of your gorgeous hair.

(iii) Colour at Home – Salons and beauty parlours are overcrowded and overpriced during Durga Puja because everyone wants to look their best. To avoid crowds, you can buy the sachets of the best hair colour for women from the market and effortlessly cover your greys at home.

Once you have decided on hair colour without ammonia to be your partner for the festival celebration, you have to find the way to style your coat with the best professional hair colour to cover grey. With the right hair styling, you can perfectly enhance your look and steal the show at your local Durga pandal.


4. Less Experimenting with Hairstyling and Colours

There are plenty of different hairstyles and shades that you might want to try during Durga Puja, which is a good idea but don’t go overboard. You should not forget that experiments often fail, and you can’t afford to look weird for the festivals. So, you have two options – either don’t try anything new or start your experiment a few days early.

For instance, the best hair colour brandGodrej Expert Rich Crème, comes with five stunning shades suitable for the Indian skin tone. If you are planning to change your hair colour, you should apply the best professional hair colour to cover grey at least 2-3 weeks before Durga Puja so that if something goes wrong, you have time to fix it.

Similarly, you should practice different hairstyles before the main event because when you apply so many hairpins or products to style your hair, your hair might not agree with it. If you start training your hair early, it will help you in achieving the perfect outcome.


5. Cover your Hair

If you want to protect the natural shine and hydration level of your hair, you should keep your hair covered. The constant exposure to the dust and pollutants can damage your hair. Furthermore, the direct glare of the sun isn’t right for your hair. Now, we aren’t saying that you should cover your hair during the Durga Puja celebration because you have gone through the whole trouble of hair colouring and styling to flaunt your hair. We are merely suggesting that you should get a stylish scarf and keep your hair wrapped while travelling from one pandal to another.

Additionally, if you keep your hair covered, your hairstyle won’t ruin due to the wind or rain. This will add an extra style factor to your look and make you stand out in the large crowd. Just go get a few stylish scarfs matching your outfits.


Celebrate with Style and Care

Sindoor khela and pandal hopping are the two main Durga Puja rituals, which is all fun. But these rituals might negatively affect your hair, so you need to keep be cautious yet enjoy the celebration. With the regular washing, oiling, and picking the best hair colour brand, you can effortlessly style and take care of your hair. So, be ready to flaunt your different looks on the different days of Durga Puja and immerse yourself in devotion to the Supreme Goddess with style.

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