5 Tips for Perfect KarvaChauth Look – Best Hair Colour for Women

KarvaChauth is a festival that an Indian woman is very sentimental and emotionally attached to. It is a beautiful occasion when Indian married women fast all day long and pray for their husbands’ healthy and long lives. To fast all day without even drinking a drop of water is a very difficult thing, but women are always ready to bear with some difficulties for their darling husbands’ love.

To spice up things and divert attention from hunger, women use KarvaChauth as an opportunity to glam up for their husbands. They spend the entire day pampering themselves and creating the perfect look for the special evening KarvaChauth pooja so that they can simply look – gorgeous. There goes so much detailing to attain a perfect KarvaChauth look -from the perfect apparel to the best woman’s hair colour.

If you want to flutter your husband’s heart and make your friends jealous with your magnificent KarvaChauth look, we have created a list of the perfect styling tips for women – from the best hair colour for women in India to the right accessories, we have covered everything.


Tip 1. What To Wear on KarvaChauth?

To create a perfect KarvaChauth look, you have to, first of all, pick your outfit of the day – which isn’t an easy task. Traditionally, women used to wear their wedding outfit for KarvaChauth celebrations, but nowadays, they have so many amazing options to pick from. Ladies can opt for traditional saree or salwar kameez for the occasion. On the other hand, nowadays, western fusion apparel such as saree gowns or dhoti saree is trending.

Thus, whether you want to go with traditional red clothing or a modern multicoloured outfit, you need to pick your KarvaChauth outfit a few days before the occasion because the rest of your look revolves around your outfit selection.


Tip 2. Which is the Best Hair Colour for You?

Apart from the best apparel, you have to find the best professional hair colour to cover your grey hair. You should find the best colour to hide grey hair at least 2-3 weeks before KarvaChauth. This way, if anything goes wrong, you have time to fix it.

There is a plethora of hair colour for women available in India. Finding the perfect hair colour suits your skin tone and the occasion can be a little hard. However, if you are wondering which is the best hair colour for Indians, you should trust the Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour to do a professional hair colour job at home. Godrej Expert hair colour is the best ammonia-free hair colour to cover grey and its unique formula with 10x aloe vera makes your hair soft and shiny. Godrej Expert hair colour offers the right shades that compliment the Indian skin tone. For a perfect KarvaChauth look, pick up the best hair colour for women – Godrej Expert Hair Colour and try it in multiple ways:–

Godrej Expert Rich crème Hair Colour for Karvachauth

(i) Get a Natural Look – If you don’t want to experiment with your hair colour just before the KarvaChauth, you can play safe and dye your hair with the natural Indian women’s hair colour – black. But, it doesn’t mean that you get a jet black hair colour – it simply looks artificial. Pick up the Natural black or black brown shade of Godrej Expert hair colour which is closest to the natural hair colour of Indian women.

(ii) Trendy Brown Look – When you truly want to change your boring look, festivals are the right occasion to bewitch people with your looks. Thus, you can pick the colour brown that is trendy and the best professional hair colour to cover grey. The subtle beauty of the brown range by Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour will elegantly enhance your look.


Trendy Brown Look for Karvachauth - Godrej Expert

Once you have picked the best hair colour to cover grey on KarvaChauth, you can easily do professional hair colour at home. Just use the right hair colour brand according to your skin tone to get the perfect look. You can try the five trendy shades of Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour because it is the best ammonia-free hair colour to cover grey.


Tip 3. Which Hairstyle is Going to Suit You?

After you have picked the best hair colour for women to cover your grey hair, next, you have to find the perfect hairstyle for the occasion. You should try a few different styles of hairstyles based on your face shape, attire, and hair colour before selecting the right one. With one right hairstyle, you can completely change your look on KarvaChauth.

For instance, if you have used Natural black shade of Godrej Expert hair colour and traditional saree for KarvaChauth, you can enhance your look with a simple twisted bun and adorn it with some gajra – a classic KarvaChauth look. However, if you are hoping to achieve a little modern look, you can select brown or burgundy shades from the 5 beautiful shades offered by Godrej Expert hair colour and curl your hair sideways with some stylish hairpins. The right hair colour will amp up your hairstyle and give you a perfect look.


Tip 4. How to do a Perfect KarvaChauth Makeup?

Once you have sorted your clothes, hair colour, and hairstyle, you have to perfectly apply the makeup. It is the most crucial part because if you don’t apply makeup in the right manner, all your hassles of finding the best hair colour for women will go to waste. Yes, you have to choose your KarvaChauth makeup perfectly, and some of the ideas to achieve perfection are –

(i) Create a flawless base with your skin tone colour and blend evenly to achieve a sheer look.

(ii) You can use concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.

(iii) KarvaChauth is the perfect occasion to try bold, glossy, and luscious red lipstick with your red outfit. However, if you are wearing a pink, green or gold dress, you can apply hot pink lipstick.

(iv) With the bold lipstick, keep your eye makeup subtle to wear off the heaviness.

(v) Don’t forget to complete makeup with a little blush to cover your entire fasting stress.


Tip 5. How to Complete Your Look?

The best hair colour to cover grey – check, the stylish outfit – check, flawless makeup – double-check, so now you just need a few accessories to complete your perfect KarvaChauth look. Foremost, you should get mehndi done because KarvaChauth looks incomplete without the henna covered hands. It is advisable to apply mehndi a day before KarvaChauth because it takes some time to dry and leave the blushing red colour on your palms.

Besides the henna, KarvaChauth is a suitable occasion to wear your maang tikkas, bangles, and earrings. The most common KarvaChauth accessories are necklaces, especially the ornate mangal sutra and huge earrings.

To get a perfect KarvaChauth look, you should start preparations soon. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour will take good care of your hair and you can get a flawless look with it in just 30 minutes. However, getting your outfit and accessories might take time. So pay attention to all the small details and start your preparations now to have a relaxed and perfect KarvaChauth look

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