Busting Hair Colouring Myths

Thinking about colouring your hair but can’t decide if it is the right step? Are a million questions plaguing your mind when all you want is a change in look? After reading this, all you will have to do is choose a fabulous shade from Godrej Expert’s range.

Busting Hair Colouring Myths


Myth 1: It is ok to shampoo your hair right after colouring it

Shampoo your locks only 24-48 hours post colouring your hair to allow the hue to sink into your cuticle. This will make it last longer and you can avoid frequent touch-ups.


Myth 2: Colouring strips away hair density
On the contrary, the product deposit on your hair gives the appearance of a thicker hair shaft and therefore an illusion of denser hair.


Myth 3: You must get your hair coloured professionally

You need not spend thousands on colouring your hair when you have safe and effective hair colouring options from Godrej Expert, that suit your different hair colour needs.

Myth 4: Oiling your hair strips away the colour
Not at all! It, in fact, can add sheen. Oiling can also help highlight the hair colour and repair damage, allowing your newly coloured locks to look shiny and healthy.

The best thing about hair is that it grows back so why not experiment with a little colour? Experiment with your hair and leave your worries behind by understanding the 6 Things You Should Know Before You Colour Your Hair.


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