Dress to Hairstyle: Ultimate Style Guide to Enhance Office Look

Off late, office spaces have witnessed a huge shift in culture. Offices are a lot more than 9-5 desk job. From morning board meeting to brunch with a client to drinks with colleagues, you have to do it all in a day and yet look well turned out. So you can easily experiment with dresses, colour your hair, wear subtle make-up and look chic every single day. Amidst harried mornings, you don’t want to be buried in a pile of clothes wondering what to wear and how to tame your hair. Pick classic pieces for your wardrobe that are flexible, choose the best hair colour in India and follow a skincare regime for flawless skin. From the right dress to complementary accessories to the right hair colour for ladies, here is the ultimate style guide to enhancing your office look:

Dress Smart: In some professions like a doctor or a lawyer, the uniform speaks for itself. However, in corporate offices, your wardrobe reflects who you are. You should dress, smart, sharp and crisp to be taken seriously in the organisation. Sectors like banking, consultancy call for formal suits and skirts. Start-ups and designer firms allow casual clothes but avoid T-shirts with bold prints or tongue-in-cheek captions. Flared pants, asymmetric dresses, shirt dress or cotton kurtas make smart yet informal office wear.

Dressing Tip: People take you seriously in the office if you wear a solid pattern or self-print dresses. Black and white is an evergreen combination and every lady should own a piece of black and white shirts and trousers.

Hair Colour for women: Your hair can define your entire office look. Even if you have a dress code at the office, a little bit of instant hair colour can lift your mood and confidence. But, be careful about how you choose hair colour. The best hair colours for ladies in the office are dark brown hair colour, natural brown hair colour and other shades of brown and black. Before choosing an offbeat instant hair colour like burgundy hair colour, make sure you won’t have HR running after you for flouting the office code. Also, if you want to add some definition to your hair opt for baby lights instead of bright highlights. 

Hair Colour Tip: After using an instant hair colour, deep condition your hair to avoid dead and frizzy locks. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour is the best hair colour in India because it is a hair colour without ammonia and has 10x aloe vera which makes the hair look soft and shiny. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair colour deeply conditions your hair and you can colour your hair at home in just 30 minutes, making it the best hair colour for women going to offices.

Hairstyle: A stylish bun or a neat ponytail complements every office look. If you have coloured your hair and looking for hair colour for grey hair well, then you can let your tresses down and flaunt them. But make sure your open tresses are easily manageable and you don’t have to run your fingers through them all day long. An edgy bob in natural brown hair colour or shoulder-length layers in dark brown hair colour is easy to maintain and make you look graceful and elegant too. 

Hairstyle tip: Choose an easy to maintain hair colour and easy to do hairstyle for the everyday office look. Make sure you wear a hairstyle that stays long and doesn’t slip off by the end of the day. The hairstyle should look neat and chic even at the end of the day. 

Subtle Makeup: Make-up in the office should look like a no-makeup look. Yes, subtle and simple makeup is perfect for the office. A good base with waterproof mascara, a nude eyeshadow and gentle colour on lips and cheeks is all you need for the everyday office look. 

Makeup Tip: Use a hint of pink, nude and orange shades for your lips. Ladies wearing matte lipstick to the office always come across as more convincing than the ones who don’t. So save your gloss for the parties.

The right pair of shoes and accessories: Put on a trendy outfit, colour your hair at home with natural brown hair colour to cover the grey hair, wear the right makeup, yet your look is incomplete without the right pair of shoes and accessories. Diamond studs, gold rings or oxidised mini jhumkis are classic and trendy at the same time. Some slim chains with pendants can be added with formal shirts while long necklaces with charms work beautifully with tunics and kurtas. A smartwatch and a great pair of heels are sure to add power to your dressing.

Accessory tip: Comfort is the key in the office. The shoes you wear shouldn’t give you a backache by the end of the day. Also, the jewellery and accessories chosen shouldn’t itch or distract you while in the office. 

Wearing smarter clothes to work boosts your confidence and helps you work in a more productive and effective way. At the same time, getting stuck in uncomfortable office wear is the last thing you would want. So make sure, you choose a style that allows you to relax and concentrate on your work and also allows you to attend a family engagement or a party with friends after work. Find ways to make your workwear comfortable and mix and match pieces to create some fresh outfits. Don’t run after fashion and trends only. Consider your own body type and shape, what your office culture allows and then strike a balance to see what suits you best. Consider dressing a little more formally than required and you are sure to slay at your professional work.

Also, pay attention to personal grooming. Cover your grey hair regularly with any of the 5 beautiful shades of Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour – Natural Black, Dark brown hair colour, Natural Brown Hair Colour, Brown Black Hair colour, Burgundy Hair Colour. Blow-dry your hair and keep them frizz-free. Trim your hair to avoid the hair getting out of shape. Go for a regular pedicure, manicure, waxing and eyebrow tweezing from time to time. 

Put on a nice perfume and wear a smile. Your smile and confidence is the best accessory you can wear to make a difference to your demeanour. Keep your look minimalistic and trendy at the same time.  Women dressed up professionally send a message to everyone that they are serious about their job and business. Your style makes a lot of difference in how people perceive you and we hope that this style guide helped you to enhance your office look. 

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