Fade Into Colour Only!

For anyone who knows the rush you experience after getting your hair coloured, you’re probably also familiar with how quickly both the colour and that feeling can fade. Here are some simple tips to prevent your coloured hair from fading:


1. Cold shower:
Washing your hair in lukewarm water and then conditioning it with cold water seals your hair cuticles. Having a hot hair shower opens up your hair cuticles eventually making the colour bleed. So always say no to heat!


2. Hot oil hair massage:
Apply hot oil on clean dry hair and cover it with a shower cap for an hour. After an hour, remove the cap and massage your oily hair for some time. Wash your hair with cold water to get soft and shiny hair. A hot oil massage will prevent your hair from bleeding the colour.

3. Don’t towel dry your hair:
Hair shrinks as it dries and wrapping it up in a towel causes more stress on the hair and ultimately leads to breakage. Hence it’s better to let your hair dry naturally rather than drying it with a towel.


4. Going ammonia free:

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour has no ammonia and are safe to colour your hair with. Moreover, the aloe and milk protein formulation makes your hair unbelievably soft and shiny.


5. Conditioner before shampoo:
You were always taught shampoo and then conditioner, right? Well, by putting conditioner on your hair and then shampoo on top of it, you create a barrier to your hair. This barrier will help your hair colour last longer despite all the washing.


6. Stay from the sun
As much as we may love basking under the sun, hair colour is known to fade sooner when overexposed to sunlight. Use a sunscreen specially made for hair that will protect your hair colour from the harsh rays of the sun.


These are a few hacks which will help you prevent your hair colour from fading. Use these tricks when you colour your hair and take a look at Things You Need To Colour Your Hair At Home.


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