Glam Look with Burgundy Hair Colour

Indian weddings are incomplete without 3-4 functions. And if you are in close relation to the bride or the groom, then you must attend all the functions and even look your best in each one of them. Going to a salon for professional makeup and hairdo would definitely empty your pockets and take a lot of your time too. Here we share some simple ways of using instant hair colour to transform your looks in no time.

Hair is the crowning glory of women and it is as important as the makeup and the outfit that you would be wearing for the wedding functions. So prepare your hair well in advance. An elegant hairstyle with shiny locks reflects your personality and style. Well-groomed hair can make a lot of difference in your appearance and colouring your hair is an easy way to create magic.

Colour your hair for an easy hair transformation. But how to choose hair colour is a question that everyone struggles with. A simple way is to choose an instant hair colour like Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair colour which colours your hair in just 30 minutes. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour is the best hair colour in India. It is ammonia-free hair colour and its unique formula has 10x aloe vera which makes the hair look soft and shiny. Do a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before application and if you don’t observe any irritation, you are good to go.

Hair Colour shades in India are many and choosing the right one is a tough decision. An easy way is to blindly choose the burgundy hair colour. Burgundy hair colour for ladies has been in vogue forever. A week before the wedding date, colour your hair with burgundy hair colour from Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour. Burgundy hair colour shades in India are numerous. But the burgundy shade of Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour has the right balance of red and violet shades which makes it perfect for all Indian skin tones.

The burgundy hair colour in itself will make you stand out but styling them into simple hairstyles will glam up your look. Here are some simple minimalistic ways to make your hairstyle look absolutely stunning with burgundy hair colour. So this wedding season tries one of these 3 ways to style your burgundy hair and take your style quotient a notch higher.

1. A half up half down pony or bun with accessories:

Be it long or short hair, just take half the hair on your crown and roll it in a simple bun or a ponytail. Pull out a few flicks from the corners. Secure the pony/bun with a band or bobby pins. You can use a clip-on bracelet over the bun or tuck a flower in the corner of a ponytail for an ethnic vibe.

2. Rope twisted braids:

This is one of the easiest and the most versatile hairstyles. And its beauty increases exponentially with burgundy hair colour. Take a strand of hair from above the ears and twist it tightly till you reach the back of your head. Use clips to secure the twisted braids from both sides. Use a fancy clip, flowers or jewelled pins to adorn the hairstyle.

3. Simple curled look with a pin on the side:

Burgundy is one of the best hair colours for women and its beauty lies in its colour only. To accentuate the burgundy hair colour, curl your hair into soft, loose curls and pull all your hair to one side. Secure your hair with some glittery accessories and you are ready to rock any function from haldi to engagement to a cocktail party.

A good hairstyle is possible only if you have a good hair day. And to ensure you have one for the wedding functions, follow some simple wedding hacks that we share here. These easy hacks keep the maintenance minimal and style maximum.

1. Pick an appropriate hairstyle for each wedding function:

Just like you plan your outfits and accessories, you also need to plan your hairstyles that complement your outfit. With burgundy hair colour you can choose a simple hairstyle that will make all the difference to your look. Also, check the feasibility of the hairstyle for each function. For eg: you would be dancing on the sangeet night. So think of a hairstyle that would let you swirl around freely. Consider the climate conditions, humidity levels and time of the day. Accordingly decide a hairstyle that is versatile, manageable and doesn’t fall out.

2. Try your hands at the hairstyles:

Heard of dres’ rehearsal? You try and re-try your dresses for the best fittings. Similarly try your hands at the hairstyles too, especially the ones you would be doing on your own. A step-by-step tutorial looks easy to follow but turns out difficult to implement. Also trying the hairstyles beforehand would give you an idea of whether it suits you or not. If you don’t like it, then you can tweak your hairstyle accordingly.

3. Don’t allow your friends or cousins to do your hairstyle until and unless they are professionals:

Indian marriages are about staying together for 3-4 days and having a great time. The ladies of the house get ready and someone helps with saree draping, someone corrects the eyeliner while some others might make your hairdo. Well, never trust your hair with anyone. They may make or just break your look completely. It is always recommended to have things under your control. Colour your hair burgundy with Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour and your loose locks are also going to make a style statement.

4. Think twice before choosing intricate hairstyles:

It is a myth that elaborate hairstyles make you look prettier. Sometimes a simple hairstyle looks elegant and amps up your look. After some time the elaborate, intricate hairstyles end up being messy and look nothing less than a beehive. Hence, it is best to go for simple hairstyles especially when you have coloured your hair with burgundy hair colour.

5. Save the haircut for post-wedding:

Haircut in layers is always loved by girls. However, if you plan to sport a bun or a hairdo for the wedding functions, then it’s recommended to grow out the layers at least a month before the wedding day. Save a new haircut and layers for post-wedding.

6. Take care of your hair:

Wash your hair properly the day before the wedding function and don’t use any conditioner. Hairdo with a pouffe or a bun hairdo becomes flat and fall out easily if you have conditioner applied on your hair.

7. Keep petroleum jelly handy:

The frizzy baby hair around the hairline is always annoying. You can easily manage them by rubbing a little petroleum jelly over a toothbrush and brushing the baby hair with it. You can even tame your frizzy hair using this method.

Follow these tips and you are sure to have a glamorous look for this wedding season!

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