Hair Color for Men – Salon Vs Home

There was a time when just the women spent efforts, time and money on makeup and beauty products. Today it is not a surprise to see men making conscious efforts to groom themselves and look smart and handsome. The market is flooded with grooming products for men like – face creams, face wash, hair serum, beard oil and even hair color for men. 

Now men are also looking for ways to cover their grey hair strands. They aspire for a youthful look without looking fake. But can men use the same hair colour that women have been using to colour their lengthy tresses? Are you also wondering and looking for ways to seamlessly cover your greys and get a natural look? 

So, if you are a beginner who has never coloured the hair before, you must be speculating over so many things! Which is the best hair colour for men? How to choose the perfect shade? How to colour the hair? Salon or at-home hair color for men, which one is better? 

Worry not. You have come at the right place. Here you will find the best way to colour your hair. We will share the pros and cons of hair color for men at salon and at home. Hope this guide helps you to decide the best option amongst the two. 

 In addition, we have also answered a few frequently asked questions around hair colour for men. 

Hair color for men at salon

Salon provides various options of hair color for men. It is done by professionals and experts and you should book an appointment before-hand so that you don’t waste your precious time in waiting. Here are few pros of hair color for men at salon:

Pros of hair color for men at salon

  • Professional services: Hair color at salon is done by professionals. Men and women who have never tried hair coloring before often fall back on salon to get the tresses colored. But this comes with a cost and sometimes it pinches when you know that there are products available in the market that can help you cover the greys professionally at home. 

Cons of hair color for men at salon

  • Expensive affair: A visit to a salon is quite expensive as compared to the box hair color for men available in the market. A single session can cost you a lot and remember that this is not a one-time investment. It is a recurring investment that you need to make every 4-6 weeks. 
  • Time constraints: For the hair coloring session you have to book a prior appointment at your salon and set aside at least 2-3 hours for it. Travelling to the salon, waiting for your turn take a lot of your time. And in case you have an impromptu plan of getting the hair colored then there is no surety that you will get a quick appointment at the salon of your choice. 

At home hair color for men

If you have a sudden, last minute party plan, don’t miss the party because of your grey hair. Use Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo hair color for men to instantly cover the greys.  

Pros of at home hair color for men

  • Affordable: Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Color for men is much more affordable than the salon services. It costs a fraction of what you would pay at the salon and once you start coloring your hair at home, it would always pinch to pay the salon for the same.
  • Convenient: Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Color for men is convenient when done at home. You can choose any time of the day, shampoo your hair and colour it at the same time. No need to book an appointment beforehand. The at-home hair color for men comes to rescue for the last-minute invites too.

Cons of hair color at home

  • We cannot really think of any flip side of hair colouring at home. The only problem you might face is coloring the greys on your back or the little, hidden grey hair roots. But you would rarely face this problem with Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Color . You have to run your fingers through the hair and massage your scalp for 100% grey hair coverage.

Why Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour is the best hair colour for men?

  1. Convenient: Coloring hair at home is undoubtedly convenient. In a salon you have to frivolously spend your time on the phone or magazines while you allow the hair colour to sit. But at home, you can cut open the sachet, apply the instant hair color for men, let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse your hair to get beautifully colored hair.
  2. Hair color for men with natural ingredients: Words like macho, rough and tough have always been associated with men. But not when it comes to the hair color for men. Hair color should always be safe and gentle on the hair whether it is for women or for men. Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo hair color is the best hair colour for men as its unique no ammonia formula has goodness of amla and shikakai that keeps  the hair soft and shiny too.
  3. 100 % grey hair coverage: When you are coloring your hair at home, getting 100% grey hair coverage is one of the toughest tasks. Some greys go unnoticed behind the ears or at the back. But not with Godrej Expert easy shampoo hair color for men. It has a no drip formula which is very easy to apply and it smoothly glides over your hair.
  4. No-mess around: Many believe that colouring hair at home is a messy affair. Most men have short hair and cannot tie them in a bun after hair colouring. Hence, hair colour can drip and stain the floor, clothes and skin too. But not with Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo hair colour. It is a no-drip formula which makes hair colouring at home absolutely mess free. It cannot get easier and cleaner than this. 
  5. Easy to use: Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo hair color for men is as easy as shampooing your hair. Just wear gloves, squeeze the shampoo hair colour on your palms and rub it on your hair. The hair color for men is really easy to use as it comes in single- use pre-measured sachets. So, no need to stress about mixing lesser quantity or higher quantity of the hair color. The sachet size of Godrej Expert Easy shampoo hair color for men is perfect for single use.

Some commonly asked questions about hair color for men

Q1. Can men use the same hair colour as women?

Yes, there is no difference in hair color for men and women. The chemical formulations are the same and hence there is no need to look for specialised hair colours for men. Natural shades are popular in hair color for men and women alike. Godrej Expert Easy shampoo hair color  offers 3 natural shades – natural black, natural brown and burgundy hair color. You can never go wrong with the natural shades and these shades work well for both the sexes. 

Q2. Is it advisable to wash the hair before using hair color?

Most men wash their hair daily. If not applying shampoo, they at least rinse their hair with water. However, if you are planning to colour your hair, then for best results apply hair colour on previously washed, clean & oil free hair. 

Q3. For the first timers, which shade of hair color  should be chosen?

It is safest to choose a hair colour shade that is closest to the natural shade of your hair. While choosing hair color for men you can divert up to a shade lighter or darker than your natural shade. Most people believe that jet black is natural hair colour for all Indians and they colour their hair in the same shade. But one shade cannot fit all and that is the biggest mistake one can make.  Many a times, hair that appears black actually have a brown or red undertone. You can identify the undertone of your hair in bright sunlight. 

Accordingly pick up one of the 3 shades that Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo hair colour offers. It comes in natural black, burgundy and natural brown colours. All the shades look natural and beautiful. 

Q4. How to maintain the hair color for men?

Once you have coloured your hair, you want to maintain it. The longer you are able to maintain it, the better it is. So, take care of your coloured tresses, and it won’t fade away quickly. 

  • Wait for at least 24hours before you shampoo your hair again. Don’t forget to use a conditioner on your hair to hydrate it well. 
  • Use cool to lukewarm water to wash your hair. Avoid hot water baths as they can rip off the hair color. 
  • Secondly, use a mild shampoo with colour protection properties. The shampoo shouldn’t be harsh on your hair. 
  • Avoid excess exposure to the sun. It can fade the hair color  and even alter the shade of the hair. Bandanas and scarfs are uncommon amongst men, but you can sport a golf cap, sport’s cap or a hat before stepping out in the sun. 

Q5. Does skin tone make a difference in the choice of hair colours for men? 

Everyone’s skin has a warm, cool or a neutral undertone. One should consider the skin tone while choosing the best hair colour for men. The right hair colour will complement your skin tone and accentuate your features. It will make you glow and add to your beauty.

There is a simple way to determine your skin tone. If you get sun burns easily and the veins on your wrist appear blue or purple, then you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, if you get sun tan easily and your veins appear green or greenish blue, then you have warm skin tone. Majority of Indian men have warm skin tone. Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo hair colour is the perfect hair color for men as all the shades suit the warm tones very well. 

Hope this hair color guide helped all the men out there. Share your views in the comments. We would love to hear.

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