Hair Colour for Women and Ways to Protect it

Hair colour for women is a means to cover the greys, add a dimension to their personality and transform their looks. Covering up their insecurities in the form of grey hair is truly liberating for many. It gives them the freedom to style the hair any ways their heart desires, without worrying about tucking the grey strands.

Women have been colouring their hair for ages. Over the years, the hair colouring process has evolved. Now it is not just about the shade of the hair colour for women. It is also about the hair colouring technique, the ingredients of hair colour and much more. Today any and every information is available at a single click and subsequently women are getting more and more conscious about their skin, hair and over-all health. As a result, ladies are making more educated choices while choosing beauty and make-up products. 

Good hair adds a characteristic feature to the women’s personality. Hence, women are even more conscious when it comes to their hair and choose nothing but the best hair colour for women in India. 

You can get the hair colour done at a salon or at home. But why extravagantly spend thousands of bucks for a professional hair colouring session at a salon? You can easily colour your hair at home at just a fraction of the salon fees with Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour. If you take proper precautions and consider the following points, then at-home hair colour for women will be a cake walk for sure.

Hair colouring horror stories would never bother you if you consider a few factors before you buy the hair colour. Keep the following things in mind while hair colouring and take good care of your coloured hair. 

Factors to be considered before buying hair colour for women:

    1. No-ammonia hair colour: No-ammonia hair colour like Godrej Expert Rich Crème is one of the best hair colour for women as it adds a natural shine to your hair without causing any damage.
    2. Ease of usage: We all know that hair colouring is not a one-time task. You have to apply hair colour to cover the greys every 30-45 days. Going to a salon every month is cumbersome and expensive too. So, at home hair colour comes to the rescue for all. Our crème-based hair colour doesn’t drip and is an easy-to-use hair colour for women. As a result, you can move around the house after applying the hair colour because it won’t drip and create a mess around the house. It takes just 30 minutes to colour your hair at home effortlessly.
    3. Hair colour for ladies with goodness of natural ingredients: Your hair will be best taken care of with the goodness of natural ingredients. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour has a unique no-ammonia formula with goodness of 10x aloe vera that makes it the best hair colour for women in India. It colours your hair and adds a silky-smooth shine to it at the same time.
    4. Value for money: As discussed earlier, hair colouring is almost a monthly affair. And who doesn’t like saving a few bucks? Our hair colour is so affordable that you can colour your hair at the sight of the first greys. It is always a good idea to use safe and value for money hair colour for women. It will not just take good care of your hair but take care of your pockets too.
    5. Your existing hair colour: Before deciding on the shade of hair colour for ladies, one must consider the existing hair colour. Covering the greys should be seamless and blend well with the natural hair colour of women. Our hair colour comes in 5 beautiful shades of hair colour for ladies – Natural black, black brown, natural brown, dark brown and burgundy hair colour. According to the natural hair colour, women can choose one of these 5 amazing shades.
    6. The shade in the glossy pictures of the pack may slightly differ from the actual hair colour for women: The actual shade of hair colour for ladies may or may not be the same as you see on the packs. It gives a close idea of what the hair colour would look like. It may slightly vary sometimes because everyone’s hair texture and the quality of hair is different. So, it is advisable to do a strand test before you commit to a hair colour shade.
    7. Try it to believe in it: Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour is the best hair colour for women in India and you have to try it to believe in it. Once you try this hair colour, there will be no looking back. We are sure you will come back to us every time you think of covering your grey hair strands with a natural hair colour. 

Factors to consider while colouring your hair at home:

If hair colour at home looks intimidating to you, then worry not. It is a really easy process and you can cover your greys at home in just 30 minutes using Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour. 

    1. Prepare your hair 24 hours in advance: Before you plan to do hair colour at home, it is advisable to shampoo your hair properly. Ensure your hair is clean and there is no built-up of hair care or styling products like hair serum, oil or creams. Even after shampoo avoid using hair serum or conditioner. Save it for the after-colouring hair care routine.
    2. Don’t colour your eyebrows and eyelashes: Some people are such fashion freaks that they wish to match their eyebrow and eyelash colour with the hair colour. But you should strictly refrain yourself from using hair colour on your eyes. Even if the hair colour comes in contact with your eyes, you should thoroughly rinse the eyes with water.
    3. Percentage of grey hair: According to the number of greys on your scalp, you can decide if you wish to colour the entire scalp to cover the greys or just root touch-up to merge the greys with the mane. Our rich crème hair colour is a great product for 100% grey hair coverage. It can be used for global coverage as well as for root touch up at home. At the time of root touch up, the same shade of hair colour for women should be chosen as used previously.
    4. Proper sectioning: The more you section your hair, the better would be the resultant hair colour for ladies. Run a tail comb from the front of your head to the back end and split your hair into two. Then depending on the thickness of your hair, further split each section into 2-3 more sections. Tie each section with a clip. Untie section one by one and keep applying the hair colour. Just remember to work your way from front to back.
    5. Set an alarm for hair colouring: Many women believe that keeping the hair colour for longer would give them a perfectly coloured mane. However, that’s not true. The at-home hair colour should be allowed to sit only for the stipulated time mentioned on the box of hair colour for women. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour should be kept for 30 minutes for a perfect natural shade of hair colour. Similarly, keeping the hair colour for lesser time would not give you the desired results. So, keep a track of the time or set an alarm for 30 minutes after you finish applying the hair colour. Our hair colour ensures 100% grey hair coverage in a single session only. 

How to protect the hair colour and take care of coloured hair?

Natural shades of hair colour for ladies are evergreen and beautiful. If you wish to maintain the shine of the hair and keep your hair healthy, then you must take care of the following points:

  1. Use a conditioner after hair colouring: Condition your hair after colouring them. Use a gentle colour-protect conditioner which would lock in the hair colour for women. It will also make the hair colour stay longer and keep the hair soft and shiny. You can also oil your hair the same night you coloured your tresses and leave it overnight. This will add a natural shine to your hair.
  2. Stay away from chlorinated water in the pools: If you have freshly coloured your hair then it is best to avoid chlorinated water for some time. The freshly coloured hair is susceptible to reacting with the chlorinated water and spoiling the hair colour. So, it is best to avoid the chlorinated water. Even if you wish to enter the pool, then oil your hair or apply a conditioner properly and then enter the pool. The oil on hair will shield the hair from harmful effects of chlorinated water. This will avoid damage to the hair and keep it healthy too. You can also wear a swimming cap for extra protection.
  3. No shampoo immediately after hair colouring: Shampooing the hair leads to fading of hair colour for women. You should ideally wait for 24 hours before you start using shampoo on the hair. Also, prefer using shampoo that is specially curated for colour treated hair. This will slow down the fading of hair colour for women and maintain the colour for longer time too.
  4. Regular touch-ups: If you follow all the above points, then the hair colour for women would fade slower. Doing root touch-ups at home regularly will keep hair colour for ladies as good as fresh. Hair colouring at home is really easy with the best hair colour for women in India – the all-new Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour. So, use it whenever you find grey strands cropping up or your grey roots growing out.
  5. Avoid sun and UV rays: The scorching sun rays is harmful not just for the coloured hair but your hair health in general too. The heat and harmful UV rays from the sun can damage the hair roots and alter the hair colour too.  So, wear a scarf around your hair and shield your colour from any damage.
  6. Avoid Heat styling: Hair dryers, hair straightening rods and curling rods expel a lot of heat to style your hair a particular way. As discussed above, the heat can alter the hair colour for women and the quality of hair too. It makes your hair frizzy too. So, they are best avoided. 

Hope this hair colour guide helped you. Our products have made it effortless to do at-home hair colour for women. Try one of our 5 beautiful natural shades and let us know your experience. We would love to hear your hair colouring stories in the comments below.

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