Hair Colour ideas and tips for men

“How to look younger?” is one question that men and women can never get tired of asking. Trying different hair colour ideas, a new hair cut or a funky pair of glasses are a few common ways used by men to look younger. Men often wish, if only the aging stopped and they could look young and handsome forever. This urge becomes stronger the moment you spot the greys on your mane or the beard.

Many believe that the greys are a sign of aging. However, it is not true. One can get greys even in their 20’s. And whether you like it or not, grey hair has become an inevitable part of our lives. Sooner or later, we all get grey hair. There is little that can be done to turn things around. But you can always fall back on various hair colour ideas to cover the greys and follow hair care tips for men to look handsome and hot.

Before we discuss the best hair colour ideas for men, let’s understand what greying hair is and how you can tackle them instantly at home. 

What is greying?

Greying is a natural process whereby melanocytes or pigment cells are lost. Once these cells are lost, no treatment can restore them back. Sounds worrying, right? Well, don’t fret. Because nothing can be achieved by worrying about the grey hair strands or the greying beard. Instead, look for hair colour ideas to cover your greys correctly and make lifestyle changes to slow down the greying process. 

How to choose hair colour?

Once you spot a few silver strands, it is time to look for hair care tips for men and take a little extra care of your hair. You also need to start looking for hair colour ideas to cover the greys. Unlike women, men are not very fussy about their choices. However, there are a couple of parameters that men always consider before trying a new product and we hope you will agree with us on this. 

1. Instant hair colour idea:

Men are always on the go. The weekdays are spent in the office and the weekends are meant for matches, partying, or sleeping. Grooming finds very little space in their schedule. Spending hours in the salon to try a different hair colour idea is something limited to only a select few. 

So which category do you fall in? Are you one of those who detest the idea of waiting for hours in the salon? Or you are the ones who often have an impromptu party or dinner plan? Or you are the one who looks for excuses to skip the parties because unwelcome greys made their way onto your mane? If you are any one of the above and you are confused on how to choose hair colour, then bother not! We got you covered.

Our Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo is an instant hair colour idea made just for men like you. Questions like ‘How to apply hair colour’, will not bother you as it is really easy to use. It is as good as shampooing your hair and colouring it at the same time. All it takes is just 5 minutes of your time and you can be party-ready at any hour of the day.

Do not forget to wear gloves before you start the hair colouring process. Cut open the sachet of our shampoo hair colour and squeeze out the contents.. Always empty the sachet on the gloved hand to avoid stains. Apply this mixture to the dry hair and gently massage the scalp for a couple of minutes. Rinse the hair after 5 minutes and in the mean time your hair would have been coloured with your favourite hair colour idea.

2. A safe hair colour

Everyone wants to use safe products especially when it comes to hair. And nothing can beat the goodness of our age-old traditions. One of the greatest hair care tips for men given by our grannies is using Indian gooseberry for natural black hair. Indian gooseberry is commonly known as amla and is a great supplement for healthy hair. We at Godrej have combined the goodness of amla in our instant hair colour. Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C and other nutrients that promote hair growth. Not just that, amla also enriches the natural hair colour. This makes the hair healthy and shiny. 

Shikakai is another magic ingredient of our 5-minute instant hair colour. It soothes the scalp and provides a strong foundation for healthy hair growth. Our hair colour shampoo has goodness of amla and shikakai that revitalizes your hair while colouring it instantly. 

Finally, it is a no-ammonia formula that takes care of your hair. It is a modern and latest hair colour idea which has made hair colouring at home safer and quicker too.  

3. A variety of hair colour ideas

Basic is beautiful and we strongly believe in it. Natural hair colour ideas are always preferred by men for more reasons than one. It complements all the looks perfectly – whether it is casual, formal, informal, or semi-formal. If you choose a natural hair colour idea, then you will never feel out of place. 

Covering the hair with shades of black or brown is always a safe bet.  Your skin undertone will not make a difference. It would not matter whether you have a warm undertone, cool undertone, or neutral undertone. You can choose from one of the 3 hair colour ideas offered by Godrej expert easy shampoo and each one will look equally enticing on you. Our instant hair colour comes in natural black, natural brown, and burgundy hair colour shades.

    • Natural Black hair colour idea: Natural black is a universal hair colour and suits everyone alike. Black is an all-time favourite hair colour idea for the men. It is a ravishing hair colour which beautifully covers the grey hair strands and you can be party-ready in just 5 minutes. 
    • Natural Brown hair colour idea: When looking for hair colour ideas, brown hair colour comes out to be the most popular choice. The brown hair looks groomed yet not over the top. The lustrous brown hair can be a head-turner at any meeting or party.
    • Burgundy hair colour idea: This pretty reddish colour is in vogue these days. It is so popular that every day you will find at least a couple of people sporting this hair colour in the market or the gym. Our burgundy hair colour is not strikingly different. Our burgundy hair colour idea is very simple. It colours your hair and leaves a subtle red hue on the hair. So, it looks like you covered your greys with different hair colour but the colour change is not very drastic. 

Hair care tips for men

Majority of men keep their hair just a couple of inches long. But the trend is changing these days and we see a lot of men growing their hair. Whether you have short or medium-length hair, following hair care tips for men is essential to keep the hair healthy hair and maintain the hairstyle perfectly. The hair type rarely makes a difference. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, the basic hair care tips for men remain the same.  

If you religiously follow these hair care tips for men then you will have a luxurious mane that can be styled in under 5 minutes. Here we share a few hair care tips for men that you should keep in mind for healthily coloured tresses. 

  • How to choose hair colour?

Bleaching is a harmful hair colour idea because it uses ammonia. On the other hand, natural shades of hair colour do not require lightening the hair strands or bleaching. Hence, the natural hair colour ideas have no-ammonia formula which is safe for the hair. When it comes to hair care tips for men, we suggest using Godrej Expert Easy shampoo hair colour.

  • Why you should avoid frequent washing of the hair?

Most men wash their hair daily all year-round. But we suggest you avoid it for two prime reasons. Firstly, washing the hair on a daily basis will lead to loss of essential oils from the scalp. This will eventually make the hair dry and frizzy. Secondly, if you have tried a hair colour idea to cover the greys, then repeated washing of hair will lead to faster fading of the hair colour. 

So, one of the first hair care tips for men is to wash their hair just two or a maximum of three times a week. 

  • Should you use styling products on your hair?

Men are easily influenced by the new hair colour ideas or usage of hair styling products like gel, cream, wax, and hair sprays. However, hair care tips for men do not recommend the usage of these products. Regular usage of hair styling products can make the hair dull and lifeless. They should be used occasionally for the better health of your hair.

  • How to apply hair colour?

The problem of grey hair starts from the roots. As a result, you have stubborn greys there. To tackle them don’t fall into the trap of crazy hair colour ideas. Safely use Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo hair colour on your scalp. One of the easiest hair care tips for men to get proper grey hair coverage is to start applying the hair colour from the scalp. 

Empty the pack of instant hair colour on your gloved hands. Use the fingers of the other hand to massage hair colour on the scalp. Once done, massage the entire scalp for a couple of minutes with all your fingers. This will spread the shampoo hair colour evenly and give you good coverage.

Otherwise, also, the dirt and dead cells deposit at the scalp only. Cleaning it properly will allow the hair to breathe properly and stay healthy. So, remember these hair care tips for men while colouring and shampooing your hair. 

  • How to rinse the hair?

Use normal temperature water to wash off the shampoo hair colour. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly so that no residue of the hair care product is left behind. This will avoid clogging of pores and ensure good health of the hair too. 

  • Why is hair conditioner important?

After washing the hair, it becomes dry and hard to style. So, one of the most common hair tips for men to make their hair manageable is to use a good conditioner. It will lock in the moisture of hair and make your hair softer. 

  • How important are lifestyle practices for healthy hair?

Hair care tips for men are incomplete if we do not talk about the lifestyle. Our hair and skin give a true reflection of our health. Dull skin and frizzy hair are a sign of unhealthy living. So, keep a check on your habits. Take a nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, sleep well, reduce stress in your life, and exercise regularly to stay fit. This in turn will keep your hair shiny too. 

These quick hacks are perfect for the fast-paced 21st-century men who are always on the go. Hope these hair colour ideas help you and you will religiously follow the hair care tips for men.

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