हमें आपके लिए कुछ हाइलाइट मिल गए हैं

Highlights add dimension to hair, making it look fuller. They can also play up your features, making you look more youthful. Here are some tips from our experts to make highlighting easier at home:

1. Prepare the colour
Follow the instruction manual to determine how the colour should be mixed.

2. Divide your hair into 4 sections

Use hair clips or rubber hair ties to divide your hair into sections. This will help you to easily colour your hair as it will separate the coloured ones from the non-coloured hair.

3. Apply the highlights
Start a couple of inches away from your roots and apply the colour from that point to the ends in very thin stripes. The thinner the highlights, the more natural the colour will look, whereas thick highlights will create a zebra-stripe effect.

4. Leave colour on for the proper amount of time.
After applying the colour, leave it for 30 minutes. 30 minutes is sufficient for getting the perfect colour. Leaving the colour for longer might make the highlights looks darker and it can be very patchy.

5. Wash out the colour
Shampoo your hair twice and then condition your hair in the shower, using the special conditioner that comes with your box, if there is one. Rinse it thoroughly, making sure all the colour has come out.


After following these steps, allow your hair to dry. Once it is dried, you will see the result that you want. Voila, here is your new look!