ब्राउन बालों के लिए हेयर स्टाइल

A hairstyle plays an important part of your personality. So when it comes to hairstyling, be comfortable with the look you create. Here are some hairstyles for women with brown hair, take a look below.


1. Messy Ponytail:

Hairstyles For Brown Hair

Courtesy- inthebuffandblue.tumblr.com

It’s amazing how easily you can create this look with your naturally long brown hair. Simply tease your hair or air dry your hair without a comb to add volume. Secure your hair high up into a ponytail, fasten it with an elastic and take out a few strands at the hairline to complete your look.


2. Low Messy Bun:

Hairstyles For Brown Hair

Courtesy- blog.vpfashion.com

A messy bun will suit your brown hair perfectly. Using a hair tie, gather all your hair to make a low ponytail and divide it into three sections. Use a thin backcomb to tease your hair which will add volume to the bun and give it a messy texture. Coil your ponytail around the hair tie loosely and secure it with hairpins. Remove a few strands of your hair from the front to get that messy look.


3. French Braid:

Hairstyles For Brown Hair

Courtesy – Madokeki.blogspot.ca

A French braid is very easy to make. Start by gathering your hair at the top of your head and then divide it into three sections. Begin braiding your hair as though it were a simple braid. However, as you move lower, add smaller sections of your hair from alternating sides to the existing sections in order to create the ponytail. Once you have completed braiding, secure the end of the ponytail with a elastic. This will show off the browns of your hair and get you ready for any occasion.

Good looks come with good hair. Look your best every day with these easy hairstyles. You can also get the perfect hairdo this wedding season with these Godrej Expert Tips – 5 Hairstyles For Wedding Season.

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