How to colour hair at home – Quick Tips / Quick & Effortless

Why hair colour at home:

For many women colouring hair is a way of life. Some colour their hair to cover greys while others are inspired by the latest hair colour ideas and wish to transform their look. You can either opt for professional hair colour at salon or use hair colour at home just like a professional. The salon appointments require you to spare at least 2-3 hours every month and even burn a hole in your pockets. Driving to the salon is yet another task and even after doing all of that, hygiene is always a question.

So here I will share some hair colour tips and tricks to use hair colour at home. If you are trying it for the first time and are hesitant about how to colour hair at home, give it a try. Trust me you can do professional hair colour at home. It’s really rewarding. Hair colour at home is simple, easy, and affordable. It is quite convenient and you needn’t plan it beforehand. Even if you wish to follow some hair colour trends and give your hair a transformation at midnight, pick up Godrej Expert Hair Colour, apply the hair colour at home and you will get beautiful tresses in just 30minutes. There couldn’t be anything better and safer than hair colour at home.

To make it easier for you, I am listing out detailed and exhaustive steps on how to colour hair at home. Hope this will put your apprehensions at rest and you will try to use hair colour at home.

Preparations before you start to use Hair colour at home

1) Choose a safe hair colour

Hair is the crowning glory for women and you should be very particular about the products you use on them. When the market is flooded with so many hair colours, you must check out various sources to pick the latest hair colour for yourself. So here is an easy hair colour tip to pick up the safest and best hair colour for gray hair. First, check the ingredients of the hair colour. Your hair is too delicate to withstand the effects of harsh chemicals, so choose a hair colour without ammonia. Secondly, choose a brand that has a legacy and is trustworthy. When it comes to heritage, Godrej comes at the top of my mind. I blindly trust Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour because it is a hair colour without ammonia. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair no ammonia formula which has 10x aloe vera gives you soft and shiny looking hair.

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is the best at home hair colour because it has milder colour has milder colouring ingredients. These ingredients ensure no damage to your hair proteins and as a result, keep the strength of your hair intact.

2) Choose an easy to use Hair Colour

Using the best at home hair colour can become easy or daunting basis the type of hair colour you choose. The latest hair colour comes with two tubes or bottles of hair colour in a pack, one is the crème and the other is the developer. It is a hassle to mix them in the right proportions and if you are a beginner then it just adds to your woes.  So use Godrej Expert hair colour which is a crème based hair colour and comes in pre-measured single-use sachets and you don’t have to worry about the measurements of the crème and developer. It makes the usage very easy. Just cut the sachet and empty them in a non-metallic bowl. Also Godrej Expert hair colour is creme based which is easy to apply and doesn’t drip like powders or oil-based liquid format hair colours. In addition to the ease of application, Godrej Expert rich crème hair colour gives a rich and deeper colour when compared to powders and henna.

3) Select the right shade from the hair colour shade card

Choosing the right shade of hair colour can make or break your look. So it is very important to choose the right shade of hair colour that would best suit you. You might be tempted to try some latest hair colour which would drastically change your look. But my advice is that when you do hair colour at home, choose a shade that is within 2 shades darker or lighter of your current hair colour. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to colour hair professionally then don’t jump to major hair colour changes. They would require multiple processes and you might be disappointed if you don’t get the desired results in the first attempt. So, when you go shopping for the latest hair colour, hold a section of your hair onto the hair colour sachet that has the shade displayed. This would help you find a close match to your natural hair colour. You can choose 2 shades darker or lighter if you wish to change your hair colour a little. Once you use hair colour at home the shade would come somewhere between your natural hair colour and the shade on the sachet. The internet is flooded with hair colour ideas but please don’t mix two different shades to form the latest hair colour. It might turn out disastrous.

4) Skin hypersensitivity test

The skin hypersensitivity test must be done at least 48 hours before application on hair. Clean the skin behind your ears or the inner side of the forearm, using water and soap. Mix a small quantity of developer and colourant in a non-metallic bowl and apply it to the previously cleansed skin. Leave it for 48 hours and keep an eye out for any adverse reaction like burning, itching, swelling, or irritation. If nothing appears, then you can safely use the hair colour at home.

5) Slip into old clothes

Wear any old and easy to remove clothing, preferably a shirt which doesn’t need to be pulled over your head. You can also use an old rug or towel to wrap around your neck when you start to use hair colour at home.

6) Arrange your tools

You would need a non-metallic bowl to mix the hair colour, an application brush, hand gloves to save your hands from stains from the hair colour, a wide tooth brush to section your hair, 3-4 large clips to hold your sectioned hair and a mirror. Depending on the length and density of your hair, you can decide the number of clips you would need.

Hair colour tips:

Keep a lip balm or petroleum jelly handy and use it on the hairline along the forehead, ears, and neck to avoid any accidental hair colour stains on the skin.

7) Read the instructions to the T

It might sound very obvious but it is often the most ignored step. It is a must to read the instructions on the pack of your hair colour. Latest hair colours come with different instructions and different time for which the hair colour needs to be kept. Godrej expert Hair colour is the best at home hair colour because itmakes the task really easy. It comes in single-use, premeasured sachets and you just need to empty the contents in a non-metallic bowl. It is easy and quick compared to the powder-based hair colour like henna. If you have long and thick hair then you can buy 2 sachets of the same shade of Godrej expert hair colour.Godrej expert hair colour is safe and makes the task of hair colour at home very easy.

How to Colour Hair at home

1) Prepare your hair

Hair should be shampooed a day before you use the hair colour at home. Hair should be completely dry. No moisture from the sweat or from showers should be sitting on your hair. When hair is saturated with water, the colour will be diluted and won’t give the desired result. It would also give an uneven look. So if you wish to do a professional hair colour at home then relax and dry your hair before you pick up the brushes.

2) Section your hair

If you are wondering how to colour hair professionally, then the key lies in sectioning. First detangle your hair and comb it properly. Now using the end of a tail comb create a middle part that splits your hair into 2 sections and runs to the back of your head. Most women start colouring their hair at this step but wait. However thin or short hair you have, it is advisable to section your hair into at least 4 sections. Section your hair out from ear to ear and down the center. Now you will have 2 sections in the front of ears and 2 sections at the back. Just twist, turn, and clip each section of your hair.

Hair colour tips:

For really long and thick hair, you can split your hair into 6 or 8 sections too, so that you don’t miss any spot and get uniform hair colour at home.

3) Prevent stains on skin

One hair colour tip I swear by is the usage of a lip balm or petroleum jelly along the hairline on your forehead and neck. It saves your skin from accidental stains of the hair colour. If you don’t have that then even coconut oil would do.

4) Use a hairbrush to start colouring

Put on your gloves and unclip a section of your hair. Take around a half-inch strand and start colouring your hair from the roots. Go as close to the growth line as possible, so that there is no discoloured band of hair just near the roots. Then follow the same procedure for other sections too. When you are colouring the smaller sections of hair, part in a diagonal way. This way you can keep the coloured hair on the head without having to put it over your face. Once done with a section, turn them in a loose bun and clip it.

Hair colour tips:

One of the best hair colour ideas is to start colouring your hair from the front. You would have noticed that hair on the crown of your head is lighter than the rest of the head and they always grey first. So, to do professional hair colour at home start colouring them first so that the hair colour develops on them longer, giving you a uniform global hair colour at home.

5) Colour the back of your head

Women feel that it is tricky to colour the hair at the back. You can’t really see what’s going on at the back and are unsure of how much you have already covered. So take 2 mirrors. One could be the wall-mounted mirror in your washroom and the other can be a handheld mirror to check the back of your head in the bathroom mirror as you colour. Using Godrej expert hair colour you can easily use hair colour at home with just one hand because it is crème based and very easy to manage. It doesn’t drip down like Henna, powder, or oil-based hair colours. Easily use this latest hair colour and cover your greys evenly.

Hair Colour Tips:

Once you have covered your greys at the back, unclip the sectioned loose buns and with the gloves on your hands, gently rub the hair on your back to spread the hair colour in case any spots are left behind.

6) Put on the timer

Take note of the time as you will have to rinse your hair after a stipulated time. Time for latest hair colour ranges between 30-45 minutes. Godrej Expert Hair Colour should be kept on hair for just 30 minutes and then rinsed off. This latest hair colour is for the fast-paced lives of all the 21st-century women.

7) Wear a shower cap

To prevent the hair colour from dripping, you can put on a shower cap. The latest hair colour – Godrej Expert hair colour is crème based and there are no chances of spillovers. So you needn’t suffocate your head in the shower cap.

8) Rinse off

Once the timer goes off, rinse your hair with normal water till the water runs clear. If you are using the box type hair colour at home, then use the conditioner that comes with it. Else Godrej Expert Hair Colour is the latest hair colour without ammonia and its unique formula has 10x aloe vera which gives you soft and shiny hair.

9) Avoid water and shampoo

Water is the main culprit for fading hair colour. So if you want the hair colour to last longer, postpone the usage of water and shampoo on your hair for as long as you can.

Most women look for a comprehensive guide on how to colour their hair at home. I hope this article answers most of your queries and puts your apprehensions to rest. Using hair colour at home is easy if you choose the right brand from the plethora of latest hair colour options available in markets. Following the latest hair colour ideas is tempting but remember to choose a safe and reputed brand like Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour that not only looks trendy but makes your hair soft and shiny too.

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