How to do black hair colour at home?

Natural black hair colour is envied by everyone. No one can take their eyes off the lustrous black locks swaying in the air.  But the sight of white or grey strands peeking from that lustrous crown can be irksome. The problem of grey hair is quite common and every second person is looking for a solution to it. Even the youth of today is troubled by greys. 

People in their 20’s want to cover their grey hair without making it noticeable. In fact, men or women of any age do not want to reveal the fact that they colour their tresses. Everybody loves to boast that he/she has naturally black hair. That’s the prime reason why most people prefer natural colours like black to cover the greys. However, it is tricky to choose a shade of black that isn’t inky and doesn’t make the hair colour too evident. Hence, we are here to help you out. Here we will share a detailed guide on greys and how to get natural black hair color at home.

But before that, let’s understand what grey hair is and how to easily cover the grey hair at home.

What is grey hair?

Our hair has colour because of the melanocyte cells in it. These cells are responsible for production of the pigment (melanin) that determines our natural hair colour. However, a lot of factors can affect the production of this melanin leading to premature greying of hair at an early age. Genetics is the one of the prime reasons for pre mature greying of hair and it is definitely not under your control. There are many other factors like smoking, nutrient deficient diet and stress that are known to lead to early greying. The biggest problem is that once you start getting greys, you can control it to an extent but cannot reverse the process. Hair that has turned grey cannot be brought back to the natural hair colour any which ways. So, everyone should adopt healthy lifestyle practices to keep the greys at bay. And if you already have grey hair then, you are just left with the option of covering them with hair colour. 

How to easily colour the stubborn greys at home

Hair turns grey because of the reducing melanin in the pigment cells of hair. As a result, grey hair appears thinner and wirier too. Getting 100% grey hair coverage in a single session might look like a distant dream to many. We know many who cover their greys with natural black hair colour, just to find a few grey roots left uncovered. Also, there are times when the black hair color looks unnatural and you just wish to somehow wash off the hair colour or fade it a little further.

To avoid such a faux-pas, it is best to choose a hair colour that gives you a seamless, natural look. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour comes in beautiful natural shades of hair colour. The 5 pretty shades offered by it are – Natural black hair colour, natural brown, dark brown, black brown and burgundy hair colour. All the shades blend really well with the Indian hair colour and doesn’t give an artificially created look. Pick any shade that suits your hair and you will love your transformed look.

You need not bother about grey hair coverage when you use our product to colour your locks. This hair colour will definitely give you 100% grey hair coverage in the first application. Unlike other traditional methods of hair colouring, you needn’t apply hair colour again and again to cover some stubborn greys along your hairline. Many believe that uncovered greys are left because they missed applying hair colour on them. However, that’s not the case every time. Many hair colours are incapable of colouring the hair in a single application. But you don’t have to worry if you are using our hair colour. It guarantees you 100% grey hair coverage in a single sitting only.

Also with our hair colour, the process of colouring the greys is easier than ever before. You need just 30 minutes to colour your tresses in natural black hair colour. It gives you the liberty to colour your hair at any time of the day from the comfort of your home. Not just that, it has a unique no-ammonia formula with goodness of 10x aloe vera which keeps the hair nourished. It also makes the hair look soft and shiny.

How to get natural black hair colour at home?

With black hair color any lady of any skin tone or hair tone can make a fashion statement. It is the most sought-after hair colour shade in India. It is one shade that is available in all hair colour brands. But we offer you the shades that look natural and pretty on the natural black hair colour of Indians. 

If you want natural black hair colour then try these shades of Godrej Expert Rich Creme hair colour – Natural Black 1.00 and black brown 3.00.

Natural black 1.00 comes in a somewhat jet-black shade and gives a lot of shine and bounce to your hair. It is perfect for those who have really black hair color naturally. However, if you have slightly brown hair and you cover your greys with natural black hair colour, then your hair will turn out to be inky. In that case you should use dark brown or black brown hair colour.

Black Brown 3.00 of our expert hair colour range is also for black hair with brown or reddish hues. It looks natural and covers your greys without implying that you have coloured your tresses. It doesn’t look plasticky and artificial also. 

Also, if you have bleached your hair or have highlights, then turning your hair color black would be too drastic. Therefore, we suggest you to try a softer shade of black hair colour. Shades like Natural brown 4.0 or Black Brown 3.0 of Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour should be your preferred choices. Once you try this shade of hair colour for black hair, you will definitely fall in love with it.

Not just the shades, Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour works wonders on your hair too. It is a no-ammonia formula that doesn’t cause any damage to the hair. Its unique formula has 10x aloe vera which makes the hair silky and adds shine to the hair as well. Also, you get 100% grey hair coverage at home without any mess and the resulting black hair colour will make you look gorgeous and stunning.

Now you can also cover the greys and get natural black hair colour without compromising on the growth and health of your hair. Read the following instructions carefully and follow them properly before you do black hair colour. 

  • Make sure your hair doesn’t have any residue of hair products like hair serum, conditioner, oil, hair spray or dry shampoo. This will make the hair colour look patchy. So, properly wash your hair at least 24 before you decide to do natural black hair colour at home. In the mean-time the natural oil will develop on your scalp and the black hair color will settle properly on your hair.
  • Get ready with all the hair colouring tools before-hand. You would need a glass or plastic mixing bowl, a pair of gloves, the hair colour applicator brush, comb and petroleum jelly.
  • Protect your hairline by using petroleum jelly along the hairline – around your face and neck. This will avoid accidental black hair colour stains on your cheeks, neck or ears.
  • Cut open the pack of Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour for black hair. It comes with two sachets inside it. One is developer and the other is crème (colourant). These are pre-measured sachets so you need not worry about the 1:1 mixing ratio of the colourant and developer. Just empty both the sachets in the mixing bowl and mix it together to form a paste. The paste should be smooth without any lumps.
  • Put on your old clothes and get ready for the hair colouring session. Also wear hand gloves to save your palms from getting dirty with stains.
  • Partition your hair and secure the sections with clips. Now start applying the black hair colour on your hair, taking one section at a time.
  • The grey hair problem is mostly at the roots of the hair and hair colour needs to develop longer there. So, it is advisable to apply the hair colour from roots to tips.
  • After colouring your entire scalp, you can tie up your hair in a bun or cover them with a shower cap.
  • Allow the hair colour to settle for 30 minutes. The Godrej Expert Rich creme hair colour has a no-drip formula and you can easily roam around the house or relax on your sofa while you wait for the hair colour to settle down.
  • Rinse your hair well till the water runs clear and you are ready to flaunt your natural black hair colour everywhere.

At home hair colouring with Godrej expert rich creme makes the hair look healthy and shiny. Here we are sharing a few tips to maintain the black hair colour and keep the hair healthy and beautiful always:


  • Don’t use comb on wet hair: Shampooing the hair opens up the pores of the scalp making the roots of hair sensitive. If you comb the wet hair then it will lead to hair fall and breakage too. This damages your hair from the roots. Hence you should avoid combing or styling the wet hair. 
  • Avoid blow dry: Blow drying means drying the hair in a flash. This not just evaporates water from the surface of the hair but also makes it dry and frizzy too. Heat styling tools also expose the hair to a lot of heat in a very short time. Regularly blow drying and using heat styling tools can severely impact the health of your hair. So, it is best avoided or used occasionally. 
  • Regular trims: Damaged hair leads to split ends and the best way to remove them is getting the hair trimmed regularly. Frequent haircuts also avoid hair breakage and keeps the hair healthy. 
  • Keep the hair hydrated: By hydration we don’t mean wetting your hair. It means retaining the moisture levels of your hair to keep them soft and silky. Moisture levels in the hair can be maintained if you use a nice conditioner on your hair every time you shampoo. Also, once in a while you should use hydrating masks on your hair to keep them healthy always. 


Natural black hair colour is a very versatile hair colour that can be styled any which way. You can sport natural black hair color with all outfits from traditional to western and grab the eyeballs wherever you go. Try this beautiful hair colour for black hair and let us know your experience.

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