How to get salon-like hair colour at home?

The idea of colouring the tresses is not limited to covering the greys only. It is also about transforming the looks. You can either drive to a salon or colour your hair at home. Driving to a salon, waiting for hours to get your hair coloured, and spending big bucks for the same is quite boring and heavy on the pockets too. On the contrary, you can easily and effortlessly get salon like hair colour at home. The beginners might find the colouring tools and the huge setup at the salon overwhelming! At least once you must have wondered, “How to colour hair at home with such an elaborate setup?”

But why worry when we are here? We would love to show you how easy it is to do hair colour at home. All you need to do is pick up the right product and follow the step-by-step procedure to properly apply colour to your hair.

The market is flooded with hair colouring kits and one can easily get confused on which one to pick up. One can be easily spoilt for choices by the fancy packaging, the promising claims, and the variety on shelves. But there is so much more to choosing the right hair colour for yourself. It should not just be safe but should stay for longer too. And we are here to help you choose the best product for hair colour at home. 

In the following points, we have listed a few parameters you must consider while choosing the best product to do hair colour at home.

How to choose the best hair colour to get salon like hair colour at home?

1. No-ammonia hair colour

One of the prime factors you must consider before choosing to do hair colour at home, is pick up colour without ammonia in it. No-ammonia hair colour is gentler and safer for your hair because it doesn’t cause damage to the hair cuticles. In fact, it doesn’t hamper hair growth also. Just flip the pack of colour and check the list of ingredients. It shouldn’t contain chemicals like ammonia. The Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour doesn’t contain ammonia. Instead, it has milder colouring ingredients that keep the strength of the hair intact. As a result, its unique no-ammonia formula makes the hair soft and shiny. 

2. Goodness of natural ingredients: 

Nature is a blessing for all of us. It has a lot of products that are beneficial for our skin and hair. And aloe-vera is one of the magic ingredients that work wonders on your hair and skin. We have harnessed the goodness of aloe vera and added it to our hair colour. Our hair colour has a distinct formula with a goodness of ten times aloe vera. This makes it the ‘Dekhbhaal wala hair colour’ in the true sense. So, your hair becomes silky soft when you use our product to do hair colour at home.

3. Natural shades of hair colour:

There is no doubt that the natural style is beautiful. It never goes out of fashion and accentuates your features too. To look natural, don’t stray too much from your natural hair colour at home. Choose a shade that is within two shades darker or lighter than your natural colour. A simple way is to hold a strand of your hair against the pack of at-home hair colour. The resultant hair colour will be somewhere between your natural hair colour and the one on the pack. 

Don’t pick up hair colour shade just because it looks good on your friend or your cousin. What works for your friend might not work for you. The resultant shade of the hair colour at home may slightly vary from person to person. And that’s because everyone’s hair texture and hair condition are different. The base hair colour also varies from person to person. Consequently, the same shade of hair colour looks different for everyone. 

4. Consider the entire range of shades offered

Hair colour at home can be done in various natural shades. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour comes in 5 stunning natural shades that can be easily used to do hair colour at home. These shades are – Natural black, black brown, dark brown, natural brown and burgundy hair colour. These shades suit every Indian beautifully. After covering the greys, it is tough to take the eyes off the bewitching hair. 

5. Don’t mix and match shades: 

Two different shades of hair colour packs available in the market should not be mixed together in hope of a new colour. Nobody can assure you of the results and it is best to avoid such experiments at home. You should use a single pack for hair colour at home. It gives assured results and you won’t be disappointed after doing hair colour at home. We offer hair colour in pre-measured sachet which is perfect to cover the grey roots for girls with short or medium length hair. However, if you have long hair and you need to cover the greys along the length of the hair, then get 2 packs of Godrej Expert hair colour of the same shade. 

6. Easy to use hair colour at home

One of the most commonly asked questions about at-home hair colour is, “how to colour hair at home?”  Who wants a messy and cumbersome way to do hair colour at home? Mixing the colourant and developer in equal proportions is like balancing complex mathematical equations. But not with Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour. It comes in pre-measured sachets which can be used in a single go. Cut open our pack and empty it in a mixing bowl. Hair colour at home is really easy and we assure you good results too. 

7. Product claims: 

It is important to pick up a product with not just believable but true claims too. The hair colour should deliver what it claims. We assure 100% grey hair coverage in a single session of hair colour at home. You can try Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour at home and see for yourself how true our claims are. 

How to colour hair at home?

Once you have chosen the best hair colour, it is time to get your hands on it and start doing hair colour at home. 

1. The Skin Hypersensitivity Test

Before proceeding with hair colour at home, it is imperative to do a patch test to check for hypersensitivity. We advise you to perform this test 48 hours before doing hair colour at home. Also, repeat this test before each and every application of colour on your hair. To check for hypersensitivity, mix a small quantity of colourant and developer. Apply a little colour on a small patch behind the ears. If it doesn’t irritate you, cause rashes or skin inflammation, then you can safely use the product. 

2. Prepare your hair in advance

Now that the hair colour suits you and you have planned to do hair colour at home, wash your hair thoroughly. Shampoo your hair properly 24 hours before you do hair colour at home. Hair colour settles better on clean hair and looks fresh too. 

3. Get ready with your tools

You don’t need much while colouring with Godrej Expert hair colour. Just a glass mixing bowl, brush, tail comb, pair of gloves, and a pack of hair colour. An old towel or sheet too. 

4. Prepare the hair colour mix

It is really easy to prepare the mix with our hair colour at home. The pre-measured sachet is perfect for one-time usage. You need not measure the colourant and developer separately to mix them in 1: 1 ratio. All you need to do is, empty the entire contents of the developer and the crème in a glass or plastic mixing bowl and mix it together. The crème-based hair colour forms a smooth paste easily. Another advantage of this crème-based hair colour is that it doesn’t drip. So, no mess, even if you move around the house with the colour applied to your hair. 

5. Secure your hairline

Everyone can commit mistakes – no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro at doing hair colour at home. While applying hair colour at home, the brush might stain your forehead, cheeks or neck around the hairline. To avoid such stains, use a lip balm or petroleum jelly on your hairline. 

6. Section the hair

Dividing hair into parts helps you to focus on a smaller section at a time and get salon like hair colour at home. The most common way to part the hair into 4. Firstly, run a tail comb down the center from front to back. Keep the hair on both sides of your neck. Next, run the tail comb from ear to ear. Now the hair is divided into four equal parts. Comb, twirl, and secure each one with a clip. 

7. Apply the hair colour at home

Most people have greys on the crown, especially in the front part. Start with one of the sections in the front, unclip it, and take smaller strands to apply the hair colour. Hair starts growing grey from the roots. So, apply the hair colour from the root to the tips. This way you will get salon like hair colour at home with full coverage. 

8. Set an alarm

After applying the hair colour at home, Godrej Expert Rich crème hair colour should be allowed to sit for 30 minutes. Flip through a magazine, browse the internet, work around your house or take a short nap on your chair. Our hair colour will not drip and you can freely carry on with your everyday tasks. Just remember to set an alarm for 30 minutes so you don’t overshoot the stipulated time frame. 

9. Rinse 

Once the alarm goes off, rinse your hair totally, from top to bottom with simple water. Don’t use shampoo on that day. 

10. Post colouring hair care

Everyone wants to keep the hair radiant after doing hair colour at home. To maintain the beautiful colour of your mane, you should take a little extra care of your hair. The magic mantra for it is to keep the hair hydrated. Oil your hair and leave it overnight after you have coloured your tresses. After the colouring, delay your shampoo as much as you can. And, use a conditioner immediately after shampooing. Use deep-hydrating masks from time to time and you will be amazed to see how beautiful your hair looks days after you coloured your locks. 

We hope now you understand how to colour your hair at home without any hassle. You can easily get salon like hair colour at home with just basic tools. Hope this beginner’s guide gives you the confidence to cover your greys at home. Let us know your experience when you picked up the brushes first. We would love to hear.

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