How To Protect Your Hair From Damage During Holi

Holi is right around the corner and it’s time to gear up for this exciting festival of colours! However, to make the most of your day, ensure that your hair is protected from dust, water and the harmful chemicals present in those bright colours. Read our list of tips to protect those precious tresses.

1. Apply Oil

Massage coconut, almond or olive oil into your scalp and onto your hair. The oil acts as an enriching layer that coats your hair and prevents any colour from settling onto it. It also helps in washing the Holi powder off easily without leaving any patches of colour.

2. Use A Bandana Or Scarf

Go that extra mile and wear a bandana, scarf or headband to shield your hair from chemical damage. It is also advisable to braid your hair rather than leaving it loose as it prevents small molecules of colour from sticking to hair strands.


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3. Wash Your Hair

Once the celebrations have ended for the day, wash your hair thoroughly using a mild, herbal shampoo. If the colour does not come off in one wash, do not wash your hair again on the same day as this will dry it out. Wait another day and then repeat the hair wash.

4. Try A Homemade Hair Mask

Once you have rid your hair of the stubborn colour, apply a homemade hair mask to restore the shine, nutrients and strength to your hair. Two masks that we personally love are-

The Yogurt Mask, made with yoghurt, organic honey and vinegar.

The Green Tea Hair Mask, made with egg yolk and green tea powder.

Keep the mask on overnight, covered with a shower cap and rinse it the following morning.



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Now that we’ve got you covered with all the tips and tricks to keep your hair damage-free this Holi, may we suggest colouring your hair using the range of gorgeous, ammonia-free shades by Godrej Expert Rich Crème? Not only will this safe colour last longer than the festivities, it will instantly pep up your look and provide that additional layer of shine and goodness to your hair. To know more about protecting coloured hair, read up on our Tips to protect coloured hair.

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