How To Select The Best Hair Colour For Women In India

Hair dying or hair colouring is an ancient art that involves changing the colour of the hair. While the reasons could be to cover greys or just bring about a drastic change in your appearance, which is the best hair colour is a question that often crosses our minds.

Choosing the best hair colour suitable for Indian skin tones can be challenging. What works on western hair may not be the best hair colour for women in India. A hair colour that goes well with one’s skin tone would be one of the most important factors to consider while zeroing in on the best hair colour meant for you.

All of us have the pigment called Melanin in our bodies. Melanin is responsible for the colour of hair, eyes and skin. It’s the variation in the amount of melanin in our body that gives us different skin tones thus making Indian women hair colour and skin tone different from others.

While the best hair colour can enhance your appearance, a bad pairing of skin tone and hair colour can spoil your entire look and make you look unnatural.

Below I have shared some hair colour tips and ideas on how to select the best hair colour for Indian skin tones.


1) Identifying your skin tone for choosing best hair colour

In order to know which is the best hair color for you, you need to know whether your skin tone is warm or cool.

Here is a simple tip to find out what your skin tone is. If your skin burns and turns red under the sun, then you have a cool skin tone and if you tan easily and rarely burn under the sun then you have a warm skin tone.

Holding and examining your wrist closely against normal sunlight is another way to check your correct skin tone. Green veins on your wrist indicate you are warm toned. If they look blue, you are cool toned. However at times you may not be able to tell whether the veins are blue or green, which means you have a neutral skin tone. Identifying these tones will take you one step closer to finding the best hair colour for you.


2) Hair Colour Ideas

While you can follow the latest hair trends and hair colour tips, make sure that they complement your skin tone, as some colors look good on warm skin tones and some on cool tones. Best hair colours for women in India would need the following considerations

(i) Always choose a colour that is either one or two shades lighter than your natural hair colour or darker

(ii) Another option is to select a colour that matches the colour of your eyes instead of your skin tone

(iii) Once you narrow down the best hair colour that suits your skin tone and eye colour, you must consider your personal style. The question you will need to ask yourself is whether you want to stand out in a crowd or blend in?


3) The best hair colours for you

When it comes to Indian women’s hair colour, you can definitely experiment with hair colours that are based on the latest hair colour ideas and trends. With some amount of trial and error, you will be able to find the perfect hair colour for yourself. Some of the best hair colours for women in India are:

Natural Hair Colour:

All shades of brown and burgundy and hair colour highlights of red are natural colours that are ideal for most Indian skin tones. However one must remember that the best hair colour shades for Indian skin are the ones that don’t work against our skin tone. Gold hair shades and ash browns must be avoided if you have light skin. If you have a tendency to get red in the sun, avoid red hair colour.

Burgundy Hair Colour:

Brown may not be considered the best of colors in the fashion world, but the hair colour Brown, has a variety of shades available to suit every kind of Indian skin tone. A shade like chocolate brown or ash brown is the best hair colour if you are warm-toned. And if you have a cool skin tone, mahogany and chestnut would look great on you.

Red Hair Colour:

Red comes in a myriad of shades and is very dicey to play with. You need to be very careful in choosing the correct shade for yourself. A light red or copper red is the best hair colour for a fair-skinned person. Whereas a blue-based red which is darker would be the best hair colour for olive skin tones.


Best Hair Colour for Warm Skin Tones

Some other Indian women’s hair colour are deep rich browns like chocolate, chestnut or auburn as a base along with highlights of warm reds or copper. A colour like violet, blue and jet black may not be the best hair colour for women in India with warm skin tones. These colours can make you look washed out.

Best Hair Colours for Cool Skin tones

Cool reds like Burgundy or Bordeaux are ideal for people with cool skin tones. Best hair colours are intense browns with a warm base like red or blonde and highlights with cool shades like wheat, honey, taupe or cool ash brown. Hair colours without ammonia like the black brown or burgundy from the Godrej Expert Rich Crème range of hair colours are one of the best hair colours for cool Indian skin tones. However a colour like gold and bronze may not be the best hair colour for women in India with cool skin tones.


4) Some other factors to take into consideration

Keep your age in mind:

As you get older, darker colours are more flattering than light and bolder colours. Following the latest hair colour ideas blindly may not turn out favourably. Irrespective of whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, light colours will only make the wrinkles or other flaws on your face more prominent. Always select the best hair colour that will soften your face.

How healthy is your hair?

Damaged hair can be trickier to colour. Hair damage may be due to exposure of hair to excessive heat, over washing or maybe even over-dyeing. If your hair is damaged making a drastic change may not be advisable.

Picking a colour that feels right:

Hair colour can play a major role in making you feel confident and good about yourself. Hence choosing the best hair colour that you are comfortable in becomes imperative.

Some other creative ways in which you can determine which is the best hair colour that suits your skin tone before you take the big plunge are:-

(i) The Strand Test:

Take a small section of hair from under your scalp, so that it’s not visible to anyone and colour it with the shade of your choice. This will give you a general idea of how the colour will look on your hair before you go all out and avoid an impending disaster.

(ii) Wear a Wig:

Wigs are a great way to get a good idea of how a particular hair colour would look on you without having to endure any permanent side effects.

(iii) Try Highlights first:

Highlights and lowlights are a great way to add that pop of colour to your hair. It can bring about just the desired change that you were looking for without going full throttle. Highlights suitable for warm and cool skin tones have been mentioned above.


5) Choosing the best hair colour

Ammonia versus Ammonia free hair colour:

Ammonia, in hair colour, bleaches the hair and causes the strands to swell to offer better colour. That is why a lot of hair colours contain ammonia. However, it can be harmful. Ammonia is very harsh on hair. Not only does it smell unpleasant, but it can also damage the hair. The harsh chemical effect of ammonia reaches as deep as the proteins in the cortex of your hair. So each time you use an ammonia-based hair colour, it can make your hair more lifeless and brittle and could also lead to reduced hair strength.

Once you decide on a hair colour, you need to use a hair colour without ammonia that has natural oils in it. One of the best hair colour brands in India, Godrej Expert Rich Crème has milder colouring ingredients. These ingredients ensure no damage to your hair protein. It is enriched with aloe vera and milk proteins that will help condition your hair. The milder base ingredients in Godrej Expert Rich Crème lighten hair, as well as activate the colouring action, thus resulting in soft, silky and vibrantly coloured hair.

Choosing a safe and reputed brand of hair colour:

With a plethora of options available in the market, when it comes to best professional hair colour, one can often find oneself lost. That’s when trustworthy and legendary brands like Godrej, which was India’s first hair colour brand and still continues to be one of the best hair colour brands in the country, comes to our rescue. They have been providing some of the best hair colours for women in India for years together and are one of the best professional hair colours to cover grey.

Skin Hypersensitivity test:

Millions of people around the world safely use hair colours regularly. However, in rare cases, allergy from even the best hair colour products may develop at any time and at any stage in life. Hence, a skin hypersensitivity test is strongly recommended before every application of hair colour as a precautionary measure, even for regular users to ensure safe and pleasurable hair colouring experience.

All the best hair colours have safety instructions and precautions mentioned on the pack in detail. The skin hypersensitivity test must be done 48 hours before application on the hair. To conduct the test, cleanse a small area of skin behind the ear or inner surface of the forearm using soap and water or alcohol. Mix a small quantity of colorant and developer, apply on previously cleansed skin and allow it to dry. Keep the product on for 48 hours and observe. If there is no reaction such as reddening, burning, itching, irritation or swelling in the area that the test was conducted on, then the product can be safely used.

Permanent hair colours and its advantages:

Permanent hair colours, more commonly known as hair dyes, are used to colour the hair for longer periods of time. Permanent hair dyes need to be left on the hair for longer periods, which in turn decreases the frequency of application as compared to temporary hair colours. Permanent hair dyes are best hair colours that also provide excellent grey hair coverage.

These dyes come in a variety of colours and there is something for everyone. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour comes in 5 beautiful shades- natural black, black brown, dark brown, natural brown and burgundy that are not only ideal for Indian skin tones but are also hair colours without ammonia, making it one of the best hair colours for women in India.

They are easy to use, inexpensive and are easily available.

While permanent hair colours are the best hair colour for people with busy schedules or who do not want to spend a lot of time or energy in colouring or maintaining their hair, one has to take care in selecting safe and reliable products. Brands like Godrej Expert Rich Crème are cream based hair colours that come in pre measured sachets and colour your hair in just 30 minutes. Its cream base allows easy application and prevents dripping or spillage, thus providing an enjoyable hair colouring experience. In short, permanent hair colours like Godrej Expert Rich Crème are hassle free, budget-friendly, can be done in the comfort of our home and also give good results.

Caring for coloured hair:

Always remember, coloured hair is more prone to dryness and brittleness, hence it will need special care. Make sure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner meant for coloured hair. Give an extra dose of moisture to your hair by deep conditioning it regularly or go for oil massages and apply hydrating hair masks. Investing in a smoothening shampoo is always a good idea as that will keep the hair smooth and glossy.

Hair colour is one of those things that has the ability to either make or break your look. The above mentioned hair colour ideas and hair colour tips can also work as a comprehensive guide to choose best hair colour for men. This extensive list of tips and tricks will definitely be able to kick start your journey of hair colouring and help you decide which the best hair colour is for you.

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