I never knew colouring hair at home could be this simple

It’s been 3 years since my 1st grey hair appeared and since then, I have been colouring my hair. But it is a tedious process and has to be planned in advance always. To make a visit to the salon, I have to book an appointment a day or two in advance. I have to spend almost half a day, driving to the salon and getting the hair colour done. Not to forget the hole it burns in my pockets. In case there is a party at short notice, I have to either get the tools, apply the hair colour at home or just tie them up to hide the greys.

I remember, we had planned a staycation in the hills with a few friends. Amidst the pressed work schedules and the stress of packing everything for a toddler, I completely forgot to get my hair coloured. After reaching the destination I was so embarrassed to spot a few grey strands. But I had no way to colour my hair. No parlour, no tools and I was so wary of the mess the box dyes create. My friends were flaunting their well coloured tresses and I was trying to clip mine up to conceal the greys. My best friend sensed my discomfort and she recommended me to use the Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour.

I was sceptical of trying a new hair colour but when I read the ingredients, I realised that it is a no-ammonia formula enriched with natural ingredients like amla and shikakai. Amla is known to strengthen the hair, prevent the frizz and enhances natural shine of the hair. To add to it shikakai is a natural hair cleanser that nourishes the hair follicles and curbs hair loss. Reading the product benefits, I was sure of trying the Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour.

I went to the bathroom with grey roots and a sachet of Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour – Natural brown. I simply cut open the sachet, wore the gloves that came with the pack, emptied the contents on my palms and started massaging my dry hair. Just like oil massage, I simply rubbed and massaged all over my hair and after 5 minutes just rinsed my hair. There was absolutely no mess and no fuss. Hair colour with Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour was really quick and easy.

After taking a bath, when I sat in front of the dressing table and unwrapped the towel, an avalanche of dark chocolate hair tumbled out and my hubby sprang up in awe. He was spell bound and even I couldn’t take my eyes off my tresses. He bounced from the bed and ruffled his fingers through my hair to search for the greys but he fell in love with the softness of my hair and the sweet lingering fragrance of the hair colour shampoo. After using Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour, I felt as if my hair was shining from within, even in the absence of sunshine. Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour is enriched with the natural goodness of Amla and shikakai and its no ammonia formula is gentle on the hair.

Maintaining hair colour has become so easy with the Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour that I feel like screaming from the roof top and letting everyone know about its benefits.

(i) Easy, hassle free instant hair colour: Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour is very easy to use. It is a shampoo based hair colour and I don’t need to spend hours in the salon or get my hair colour tools at home and do an hour of preparation before starting the actual process of hair colour. On the other hand, Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour is an instant hair colour option and can be done minutes before attending a party or even when you are travelling. No preparations required. No tools required. Just 5 minutes of your time to shampoo your hair. Now whether I am travelling or visiting a relative or amidst festivals when we all have pressed schedules, my hair colour doesn’t need to wait. Because now I use Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour.

(ii) No mess hair colour: Hair colour at home is a mess. I used to wear old clothes, put a towel, a mat and no matter how many precautions I took, I always got a stain or two on the floor or on my neck. But Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour is absolutely mess free. Just apply this shampoo based hair colour with hands and massage on your hair. I loved the concept of the hair colour shampoo because of the ease of doing it at anytime of the day without creating a mess.

(iii) Hair colour that is easy on the pocket: Salon appointment doesn’t just take your time but costs a bomb too. And I had to visit a salon every 15-20 days to get my greys covered. Hair colour at salon is indeed high maintenance and for the same reason I avoided colouring my hair till I had a party or function to attend. Not anymore. Now I use Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour which costs just Rs. 25 for a single use sachet. It is so easy to use that even if I spot a few greys on my scalp, I just cut open a sachet of Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour, massage it on my dry hair and rinse it off. After I have started using the shampoo based hair colour, I have never allowed grey hair to appear on my scalp. Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour is a value for money instant hair colour option.

(iv) Nourishing hair colour: After reading so much about the hair colour shampoo, you must be wondering if you need to condition your hair separately? Well, absolutely not. The Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour is enriched with natural ingredients like amla and shikakai. Hair becomes soft and shiny after using Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour. It is also because of its no-ammonia formula. It is made of milder ingredients that are gentle on the hair.

(v) 100% grey hair coverage at home: Whenever I tried using hair colour kit at home, I never used to get 100% hair coverage. Some stubborn greys at the back of my head would always be left unattended and making a bun or a high pony tail would become impossible. But using Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour ensures 100% grey hair coverage at home. It is an easy hair colour shampoo and no greys are left because the instant hair colour is massaged on the hair with fingers instead of being applied with the brush. Massaging with fingers ensures application to the innermost roots of hair and ensures 100% grey hair coverage.


Doing hair colour is a life changing process. Colour your hair and you will discover a new you. But we often procrastinate for a long time due to time constraints and the tedious processes of hair colouring. Shampoo based hair colour has revolutionised the process of hair colour at home and made it so convenient and easy. Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour is the best shampoo based hair dye which is perfect for the fast paced lives of the 21st century women. It is truly a modern way of doing instant hair colour. The easy hair colour shampoo comes in pre-measured sachets which are perfect for a single use. Incase you have really long hair, use two sachets. Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour is available in 3 beautiful shades – Natural Black, Natural brown and burgundy. You got to try it to believe in the ease of using Godrej expert easy shampoo hair colour.

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